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  • Roo for a LAN network

    I understand Roo connects to products like Hibonate to comunicate to products like google apps

    I have a database as a local server and need to connect it to Roo on many Android devices.

    I need the Libray of dependaces of Roo in Java.

    Lex Dean

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    I'm struggling to understand your question, but it might be helpful for you to understand two things:
    • Roo is a code generation tool (in a nutshell)
    • A Roo-generated application has no runtime dependencies on any Roo libraries, but you can see what dependencies it does have (both explicit and transitive) by running the Maven command "mvn dependency:tree".
    If that doesn't answer your question, try rephrasing your question in more detail.


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      Sorry I'm fairly new to this

      I have found Maven I have much to read
      any other advice will be appreciated

      Lex Dean.
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        Well before you dive into maven, you should know the basics of Java and then Spring and Spring-MVC. That will help you understand the code which is generated by ROO.

        Maven only helps with downloading dependencies and with the life cycle of the application. It could be replaced with other things in a spring app (like Ant/Ivy)

        As for your question on how to run the application on LAN, do you mean that you want to restrict your roo application to LAN only. Then you need to look into the operations of the application (ie tomcat settings)

        Alternatively if you have a run time requirements (like you want to specify the the IPs which are allowed to access during running, you will have to look into spring security, the spring security book has an example about how to use spring security with IP based filtering)

        But first start with basics


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          Thanks thanks

          yes you are write on the button with everything thanks
          and thanks for the key words of were to go

          I have heeps to study
          my back ground in Delphi is very valuable in Java
          its just all thouse turms in Java I have never seen before

          I just got around understanding the fields that are avalible to me
          its just getting use to the Java code layout I have to get use to