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  • Getting a Clean Webflow Exception Trace in Roo


    I'm playing with Roo (1.1.1) and doing some very simple things. Most things it's easy to see what's going wrong but when I build an exact copy of the default view-state flow
    I get an error.

    The problem is that I can't get a full error trace to see the root cause. This is making
    very simple things very hard. uncaughtException.jsp displays Exception thrown in state 's1' of flow 'flow' which is where FlowExecutionImpl is wrapping the underlying exception.

    The stack track traces up to the FlowExecutionException and (FlowExecutionImpl 569)
    but no farther. Tomcat6 (6.0.24) run from mvn tomcat:run is logging only to the terminal and is showing nothing for this exception.

    So fundamentally you've got a conflict of not trying to produce too many error lines and
    yet in this case you are totally hiding the root cause making what should be a very simple debug difficult.

    Anyone have a nice solution for me?

    Thanks, Brian

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    XML validator


    A bunch of the issues I hit are in the assembly of the flow and they're simple XML
    parsing bugs. Putting an XML validation step into the maven checks would cut the
    development time.

    Is there an easy way to put an XML syntax validator step in? And can it also
    know the structure of some of these XML files?

    You still need to expose the actual errors in that error view and/or get them into
    the logs. What's the JSP script to get at the wrapped error for display?

    I built spring webflow and added some logging code at FlowExecutionWrap but for
    some reason I could not get that logger to work either. Is there a step of deployment
    that I missed in someway?

    Thanks, Brian