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    Spring Roo: 1.1.0.M3
    Spring Web Flow: 2.1.1.RELEASE

    For the project I am working on I created a couple tagx files to help with web flow form construction. I based these on the existing roo provided form/field tags.

    Thought I would post them in case someone else could use them.
    The form:flow tag can be used in place of create/update
    The field:flowsubmit creates a section for the flow buttons and accepts field:flowbutton entries.

    Sample( doesn't work as is, because you need a an object to bind to it, but shows the structure):
    <div xmlns:sform="" xmlns:field="urn:jsptagdir:/WEB-INF/tags/form/fields" xmlns:spring="" xmlns:c="" xmlns:fn="" xmlns:form="urn:jsptagdir:/WEB-INF/tags/form"  xmlns:util="urn:jsptagdir:/WEB-INF/tags/util" xmlns:jsp="" version="2.0">
      <jsp:output omit-xml-declaration="yes" />
        <form:flow id="sampleflow_state1" commandName="owner" >
            <field:input  field="title" id="c_com_springsource_petclinic_domain_Owner_firstName" max="30" min="3" z="iFQbgU5/QXNtac+P4ovg8kEV7ek"/>
    	<field:flowsubmit id="sampleflow_submit">
    	    <field:flowbutton id="cancel" messageCode="button_cancel" />
    	    <field:flowbutton id="success" messageCode="button_proceed" />
    I copied the tags/form/create.tagx and modified it for a web flow form: flow.tagx
    I copeid the tags/form/field/table.tagx and modified it for a web flow submit button section: flowsubmit.tagx
    I copied hte tags/form/field/column.tagx and modified it for a web flow button: flowbutton.tagx

    If they look ok, I don't mind doing a feature request to see if they can be added to roo

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    Sorry for the late response. I have not looked in-depth at the tags but it is always worth putting those into our Jira as attachment. Ideally you would also provide some explanation on how they should be used. Also it would really help if you attach a working project which shows them working.