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  • Built a great Spring Roo-based project? Like a free kangaroo and t-shirt? :-)

    If you've built a project using Spring Roo, we'd love to recognize your work! Back by popular demand, we've secured another shipment of the cute little kangaroos we shared with the community a few months ago (photo below). Plus this time we've added some Roo t-shirts....

    Project Showcase

    Are you able to publicly share a few details (and maybe a screen shot) about one of your Roo-based projects? Perhaps you'd like to publish a blog or message here on the forum about how you used Roo on a project. Alternately, you might like to participate in a more in-depth case study. Or perhaps you'd prefer to talk about your usage in the form of the new Spring Roo Podcast series. No matter what you prefer, all of these help us build up awareness of real-world Spring Roo usage and this is invaluable for developing the Roo community. As our way of saying thanks for taking the time to share your project details, please send me an email (balex at vmware dot com) with subject "[kanga]" and I'll arrange for you to receive a limited-edition kangaroo and Roo t-shirt from us here in Australia. These were very popular last time we gave them out, and we're looking forward to more "action shots" as they make their way across the world once more.

    We hope that you find this an interesting and enjoyable way to share your Roo usage with the community.

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    Salivating for the Roo Prizes

    Hello Ben,

    I've been actively working with Roo since 1.1.0M1. I just can't stop working with Roo. It is addictive!. I've deployed four (4) Roo-enabled showcases so far -and have more in the pipeline. My goal is to implement/deploy at least one showcase using Roo with a relevant technology add-on: mvc, flex, security, gwt, seo, etc. In addition to exercising the technology, I am including typical "web-corporate-type" use-cases requirements. All my showcases are live and are using real data coming from a rdms.

    You can visit my Show Cases Tour Guide (sctg) at web site is the front end of all my work done with Roo and includes information about each web app.

    Please visit sctg and and let me know what you think.

    Did I get the prizes?

    A post RoR Java Developer


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      Would these qualify?

      Here is a set of posts I wrote as I was developing my first Roo application. It is a typical database backed web application.

      Here is another one (slightly longer) that I built recently that replaces the persistence layer with a custom one (JSON over HTTP to a remote webservice). This just depends on Roo for the basic scaffolding, but then puts everything behind login, and adds the user to every query, and adds a Dojo rich text editor for some textarea forms.

      If you are giving out T-shirts, my size is XL :-). A toy kangaroo would be nice too, would fit in nicely with my penguin and mule...



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        Great Roo Apps

        Hello Sujit,

        Pretty cool what you have accomplish with Roo...
        Your blogs are easy to follow and well documented.

        I wonder if there is a link available for visiting the referred apps.

        Thank you


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          Thanks jD, and no, neither of these have a public URL - both of these are intranet tools.


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            gvNIX nomination to the Springy Awards

            Hi !

            We have sent the following nomination to the Springy Awards
            in the categories "Best Enterprise Application" and "Most Innovative Product or Open Source Project".

            gvNIX is a tool for Java fast web application development, high productivity, flexible and does not compromise the projects quality.

            gvNIX is sponsored by CIT organization and is developed by DiSiD Technologies S.L. corportation. CIT is the short-name for the Regional Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport of Valencia region (Spain). gvNIX is included under gvPONTIS project, the root of open source projects sponsored by CIT.

            gvNIX is a open source tool based on a Spring Roo core (now 1.1.0.M1 version). Uses the features of Spring Roo and brings his own philosophy, offering to developers addons with functional value for enterprise applications:
            • Optimistic concurrency control on application level
            • Themes management
            • Exception handlers management
            • Pages and menu structure management
            • Relationships display management
            • String transformation management (binding)
            • Access Control
            • JSP 2.0 compatibility
            All these addons are available separately to be used in Roo as well as packed together in gvNIX distribution. gvNIX provides user documentation about using framework in Spanish and technical and user documentation of each addon in English.

            All binary files and documentation are available at:


            Communication with the users community is made with the following mailing list:


            Currently we are working in a new addon to manage the Service Layer (will be released at the end of 2010). The features of this addon are:
            • Create local service classes and methods
            • Remote access to local service layer and entity layer, 1st supported protocol will be WebServices
            • Create client service classes from web service contract definitions in WSDL / XSD
            gvNIX is licensed under GPLv3 in order to be compatible with Roo license and maintain an active collaboration with Spring Roo project. gvNIX collaborates with Roo project making proposals, warning about problems and sending fixes.
            What do you think ?
            Greetings !


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              Hello Ben,

              Great finding out that your are back and productive as always...
              Congratulations for the 1.1.0 RELEASE.

              I applied for the ROO prizes long ago. I wonder when they are going to be released.

              I sent my personal info already.

              Thank you


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                Hi JD

                I've mailed you, Sujit and Mario off-list. My apologies for the delay.

                Everyone, we're still giving our kangaroos and t-shirts. I've just been on leave for a while and was then occupied by our Roo 1.1.0 release. Feel free to email [email protected] if you'd like a free kangaroo and t-shirt. Just please remember to include "[kanga]" in the subject so I can find your emails quickly and get the goodies on their way to you.



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                  can i also get a roo and a tee? i'm working on roo i swear!


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                    Estimado Mario,

                    Few quick questions...

                    1) I wonder the compatibility of gvNIX with 1.1.0.RELEASE?.
                    2) Are there samples provided with gvNIX; the way Roo releases does?.
                    3) Is there a tutorial available?

                    Thx in advance


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                      hi Ben

                      i have developed project on roo --its very nice tool to use ---

                      i am using it continuously in my all web projects

                      i am intersted to take kangaroo

                      pls let me know what to do



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                        Hi Ashoo,

                        It will be great you send a link to visit of your referred Roo project...
                        Here is mine:



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                          Originally posted by sujitpal View Post
                          Would these qualify?

                          Here is a set of posts I wrote as I was developing my first Roo application. It is a typical database backed web application.

                          These are a big help to me: thanks for doing this write-up.


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                            Roundtrip Roo JPA App

                            I'd like to share a Roo App into the vaccuum that is round-trip roo scripting.

                            This is a github project url with the roo-script code generator sitting inside of a sample app, for which it will reproduce a nice default roo config with a few commented options.

                            project url

                            sample output


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                              Everyone, just a reminder we still have free kangaroos and t-shirts and other swag to give away. All you need to do is publish info on your Spring Roo project publicly, and then email the URL to [email protected] and put "[kanga]" in the subject line. I'll arrange for your schwag to be sent ASAP!

                              Enjoy the goodies.