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  • Roo / STS integration question


    I seem to be getting conflicting results when doing things via the roo shell directly and the roo shell in STS. My environment is:

    Ubuntu 10.04
    STS 2.3.3 M2
    Roo 1.1.0 M2

    Here are a couple things I've noticed (assume that I have created a Roo project in STS):

    1) In STS, Ctrl-R does not bring up a way to run a roo command as suggested in the tutorial
    2) Creating classes via the menu (New->Class) does not include Roo annotations
    3) Running the "controller all --package ... " command went into infinite loop in STS roo shell failing to create/find a webmvc-config.xml file, but worked fine from a standalone shell.
    4) Running the application in STS via Run on Server menu option does not bring up the app. Running the app via on command line via mvc tomcat:run does bring up the app.
    5) Finally, when I follow the tutorial instructions for setting up security, my app (deployed on tomcat) is not working. The index page throws a "The page isn't redirecting properly" error. The same error is shown for the /login page.

    Maybe I did something wrong. Do I need to do the "perform eclipse" command before/after importing the project into STS? It was a little unclear from the tutorial.

    All that said, I really like the idea of Roo, and the potential integration into STS, so here are some other suggestions:

    1) in addition to making roo commands entered in a dialogue, create menu items in STS (on Project -- create/delete class, on Class -- create/delete field, creating relations/sets, etc. )
    2) add roo command line utils for removing or rolling back commands
    3) create a Netbeans plugin

    Anyway, if someone can help me out with #5 above I would be very grateful. Here is my
    applicationContext-security.xml. It is the only file I modified after running security setup:

    <beans:beans xmlns=""
            <!-- HTTP security configurations -->
        <http auto-config="true" use-expressions="true">
            <form-login login-processing-url="/static/j_spring_security_check" login-page="/login" authentication-failure-url="/login?login_error=t"/>
            <logout logout-url="/static/j_spring_security_logout"/>
            <!-- Configure these elements to secure URIs in your application -->
            <intercept-url pattern="/**" access="hasRole('ROLE_ADMIN')"/>
            <intercept-url pattern="/openingswings/**" access="hasRole('ROLE_ADMIN')"/>
            <intercept-url pattern="/initialbalances/**" access="hasRole('ROLE_ADMIN')"/>
            <intercept-url pattern="/notations/**" access="hasRole('ROLE_ADMIN')"/>
            <intercept-url pattern="/**" access="isAuthenticated()" />
            <intercept-url pattern="/resources/**" access="permitAll" />
            <intercept-url pattern="/static/**" access="permitAll" />
            <intercept-url pattern="/**" access="permitAll" />
            <!-- Configure Authentication mechanism -->
        <authentication-manager alias="authenticationManager">
            <!-- SHA-256 values can be produced using 'echo -n your_desired_password | sha256sum' (using normal *nix environments) -->
                    <password-encoder hash="sha-256"/>
                        <user name="admin" password="ec30d18cd9182692779125127493264f11d7c2efe89fbaf3333e0348ad284f8b" authorities="ROLE_ADMIN"/>
                            <user name="user" password="ec30d18cd9182692779125127493264f11d7c2efe89fbaf3333e0348ad284f8b" authorities="ROLE_USER"/>


  • #2
    problem resolved...

    I managed to get the basic application deployed on both tomcat and the SpringSource tc servers. I still think there was some weirdness in the code generation with roo inside STS, but today I reran the security setup (from within STS), and it resulted in a working application. I'm looking forward to the next steps..