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  • Spring Roo 1.1.0.M2 Released - NOT Ready for public consumption

    I have spent two days trying to get anything combining roo and gwt to work and it appears that this code is NOT ready for public consumption. I watched the video's and drank the flavoraid. I have wasted two days on code with no examples and doesn't work. I am going to rip out the scaffolding and hopefully get my old code to run inside STS. Not confident I can, my best bet might be to go back to plain old MVP and Eclipse.

    I am very frustrated and disappointed! The video's make you believe that this is ready to go, sounds like it was Pointy-Haired Management Speak!!! The "roadmap" says come back in December. Maybe by NEXT Google I-O 2011 it will be ready!!!

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    M2 is working for me...

    See ya on December then.



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      Not if I find a better way

      Originally posted by delgad9 View Post
      See ya on December then.

      I don't know who this person is, but let's assume they are part of the team. Then that means that this project is FRACKED!


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        How about the team cuts the BS and tells everyone the REAL STATE

        Originally posted by mstang View Post
        I don't know who this person is, but let's assume they are part of the team. Then that means that this project is FRACKED!
        How about, we all agree that M2 is horked and that it won't be usable for anything until next year, if then. Does this team really believe they can do what every other tool generator has been claiming since the CASE Tool Vendors of the 80's. Round-trip doesn't work. Can't generate valid code and they can't generate a simple case WITHOUT a database.

        What they SHOULD NOT be doing is getting up on a NATIONAL Stage and say "it is ready now".


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          You are getting everthing wrong...


          I am just an independent developer that spoke his mind...
          I just wanted to say that M2 is working fine for me. That's it!.

          As we know SD is a process and takes time to make it perfect.

          I would stay with Roo because is the best thing that happened to Java development since its inception. If you find something better out there please-please let me know.



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            Heya mstang, just another independent developer here.

            Yes, you're right. It's not ready for public consumption. That's what the "M2" in the name means. It's a milestone 2 release. If you go check out the roadmap on Jira, we still have Milestones 3 and 4, Release Candidates 1 and 2 before we finally get to the General Availability release.

            I wouldn't expect anything near production ready prior to General Availability (even so, tread carefully as the GWT integration is still reasonably 'new'). And definitely not while it's in Milestone and Release Candidate state.

            The best thing we can do right now is to log any issues we find in JIRA so that the Roo guys can look into them in a timely manner and make sure the problems you're experiencing are ironed out eventually.

            I myself came in to check out the GWT integration at the 1.0.2 release and was disappointed with the poor support for primitive types, many-to-many relationships, etc. You might be running into that problem.

            There's actually a lot of gotcha's in the M2 release and I would tread carefully and refer to JIRA to check most behaviours before tearing hair out.

            Cheers, good luck. Back i go to lurking.


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              Hi guys

              I am part of the Roo team. :-)

              I've blogged about both Roo 1.1.0 milestone releases so far and in both blogs I pointed out the Roo 1.1.0 milestones should not be used for production use. It's called a "milestone", after all. In this era of iterative development we release milestones to show you our progress towards the next major release, capture feedback and identify bugs. We don't put out milestones and expect people to try to use them for real projects and then be surprised when it doesn't work.

              Anyhow, the GWT support is early-stage. GWT's RequestFactory feature does not presently support relationships. Just 45 minutes ago I finished our weekly call with Google and they are working on that in the next milestone (M3) release. Both Roo and GWT are aiming for concurrent and mutually compatible milestone 3 release around mid-August. As you can tell, there is very strong cooperation and coordination between the Roo and GWT teams. This translates into a much more compelling and more quickly delivered developer experience than would have been possible if we weren't working so closely together.

              I'll close by pointing out that the GWT support is a very ambitious piece of work. The RequestFactory feature significantly revisits remoting and data binding in GWT so that it works well on mobile clients and desktop clients, plus makes it easy to deliver statically-typed, code-assist friendly, payload-optimized, latency-minimized, UiBinder-compatible views. It takes a few months to get something that ambitious complete. People can still use GWT's existing remoting and REST support if they need something more quickly, but the wait will definitely be worth it.



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                Vibrant Roo Development rocks

                Hello Ben,

                Thank you very much for updating on Roo current state issues...
                And thank you for coming up with such great Java Development tool.

                A post RoR Java Developer


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                  ya agreed. roo rocks !!!