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  • Roo+OSGi+GWT: Help needed to get started

    Dear Spring forum members:

    Currently I'm evaluating Spring Roo, OSGi and GWT for a new project; therefore I've downloaded *Spring STS with Google integration*, worked through the provided materials, and all worked well.

    Still considering me as newbie to Roo+OSGi+GWT, I've got 2-3 remaining questions. I guess these can best be outlined via the following example app scenario:

    Modernization of an existing *Online Shop* with integrated *CMS functionality* for dynamic content publication (with CMS concepts comparable to those in "Drupal" or "Magnolia" but envisioned as GWT frontend). The app key topics could be:
    • Essential user roles: "SystemAdmin", "ContentAdmin", "Customer".
    • One "SystemAdmin" grants privileges to N "ContentAdmins".
    • A "ContentAdmin" defines Products, ProduktPackages and corresp. Prices, and publishes these dynamically via customer-group based catalogs (und a specific URL (content node)).
    Therefore, the model entities would be something like:
    • mainly: Customer, Category, Catalog, CatalogPage, Product, ProductPackage, Price, Order, Invoice, ...
    • but also: existing "Online Publication Structure" with predefined "extension points" for content and navigation items (main/sub pages, main/sub menu items)
    • A "Customer" views the catalogs, submits "Orders", and gets notified by the system.
    • The "SystemAdmin" always is able to *dynamically* enhance the existing system via additional "Modules" (Bundles), e.g. a "Forum", "Blog" or "RSS Feed" module.
    • A "Module" extends the system through predefined "extension points" pertaining to the different app layers:
      • DB/Persistence Layer: additional database tables and corresponding model entities.
      • Service Layer: inter-entity business logic.
      • Web Layer:
        • Controller: additional controller with secured (role-based) methods.
        • Views: additional views with secured (role-based) content and navigation subsystem.
    • The resulting frontend should be runnable on -- or easily portable to -- mobile devices, thus based on standards like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

    Now, the resulting open concerns are:

    1. Rather conceptual question on GWT (GWT vs. JSF):
    • Is GWT the appropriate frontend technology for the described scenario, especially if you wanna achieve a *traditional-web-app* user experience (for at least your *customers*)??? I.e.:
    • Are there important differences between an *app framework* (like GWT; based on windows and panels) and a *web app framework* (like JSP/JSF; based on web pages) to offer endusers a user experience that's closer to a tradional web app with its extensive page headers, footers and navigation structures???

    2. Technical question on OSGi:
    • For this rather dynamic app nature, what would the ideal/typical OSGi Bundles with their extension points look like? I.e.:
    • How to realize a "Core Bundle" that offers *system extension points* for module development as well as *app/content extension points* for dynamic content publication and dynamic navigation menu construction?

    As these open issues are very important for me at the moment, I'd really be tremendously thankful for any minimalistic clarifying example -- or at least for links pointing me to such learning resources.

    Generally, a mini example consisting of a core bundle for the overall app structure and 1-2 bundles extending the core bundle at provided content and menu extension points would be very sufficient -- e.g. a CoreBundle plus a "UserManagement" module with *secured* user CRUD functionality and a "Content" module for *secured* publisching of a String text hooked to the "Homepage" structure and a submenu item position.

    Thank you very much for any very needed help and constructive hints in advance.

    Best regards,

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    Hmm.... really no suggestions or helping hints on these issues?!?

    Especially question 2 is crucial for me at the moment. Please, is there no one that is able to help me to get one step further with Roo and OSGi-structured GWT web apps?

    Best regards