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  • Custom finder code. How to avoid undo managed


    I wonder how I can do the following properly...

    I created a finder, which requires a Converter. I need it customized.
    I tried different things and worked when moved it to its Controller class.

    I continued development and noticed Roo now is not managing anymore anything related to such entity.

    Again how can I keep my customized converter while Roo still happy managing my code?


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    Are you sure you didn't accidentally delete the @RooEntity annotation on the entity class? I see no reason why your own custom finder should upset Roo's artifact management for the entity.

    Btw I would not write finders in Controllers, but use a Repository.


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      ...How to avoid unmanaged from previous managed Roo asset

      Hi Rod,

      More clearly: I placed the converter method in the controller to keep my custom changes. Since Roo regenerates all related code when the entity is modified. Originally the method is placed in the correspondent _Roo_Controller.aj. I put it in the controller because the preview refactor>push is placing it.

      After doing such thing, I am able to keep my changes but Roo starting not managing the entity and related code: controller, jpx, etc. I need Roo continue managing it because I am still in development.

      So I am assuming there is correct way of doing such thing.
      I am not changing anything related the Roo annotations

      Thx for all your help


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        So you didn't actually perform push-in refactoring, which would stop Roo round tripping?


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          On Roo undoing managing issue

          Hi Rod,

          That is precisely what I am trying to figuring out....
          Don't worry I worked out the issue. I just continue developing avoiding
          refreshing project using Roo directly; since I am done creating entities

          On my next Roo project -coming very-very soon- I will be able to reproduce it or not. I'll report findings on that experience as well.

          On the the other hand:
          What I can tell you Roo is absolutely FANTASTIC. Java Web Development is fun again!.