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    After seeing the Roo/GWT presentation streamed from Google I/O, I thought I'd give Roo a test drive. Some initial observations running under windows running the "hello" project found here:

    - First I tried 1.0.2, after getting a nasty XML error, I realized I wasn't running Java 1.6. I was not able to ctrl-c out of Roo so I closed the window and changed my Java home. Should roo even run if not 1.6+?
    - Ran through the "hello" steps, realizing I didn't have the gwt add-on, so I installed Roo 1.1. The "hello" steps should indicated 1.1 is needed. right?
    - I noticed that if I type "hint con[tab]", nothing happens. It would be nice to have to have expansion using hint.
    - I also noticed when type "hint [tab]", I get a PC beep. Backspace to the beginning of the roo prompt does the same thing. Please tell me the beep can be disabled.
    - Got to the step "controllers all --package ~.web". I had two spaces between "controllers" and "all", received error "Command 'controllers all --package ~.web' not found". Perhaps space shouldn't be the token delimiter?
    - In 1.0 it seemed like dependencies were downloaded each time my tests ran, but not w/ 1.1, thanks
    - However, when I ran "perform package", dependencies were downloaded again. From command line, ran "mvn tomcat:run", more dependency downloading. It could be that I don't under Maven, but it seems like this should be a one time deal per app.
    - Accessed the app. and created some 'timers', while I was able to delete, I wasn't able to view or update in IE7, works ok in FF3. Perhaps this is a GWT "thing".

    On to "Chapter 2. Beginning With Roo: The Tutorial"


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    I've already updated the "Try Roo" page to reference 1.1.0.M1.

    I have logged re the beeping JLine shell. We'll get that fixed in 1.1.0.M2.

    Re hints supporting tab, I agree. I just never got around to doing that. Would you mind logging a Jira task and we'll take care of it? It's actually quite easy.

    On the Maven downloads, there's not much we can do about it I'm afraid. Maven just likes to downloads lots and lots. They have made improvements to the algorithm in Maven 3, plus repository managers can be used to speed things up.