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  • Spring Roo in Google Summer of Code 2010

    Hey all,

    I wonder if Spring Roo (specifically, but might be under umbrella of spring project in general) would like to be part of Google Summer of Code.

    For those who don't know what Google Summer of code is, they can check the FAQs at

    spring-roo with its add-on architecture might prove to be a very productive SOC candidate.

    The application for mentoring organizations starts in a week so. If Spring-Roo is part of SOC 2010, I will (and hopefully others) will definitely be interested in working on proposed projects as students.

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    You might want to consider a SOC project related to Roo and some of Google's technologies like GAE, GWT, Android, Charts, Translate, Apps etc. There's plenty of opportunities. I recommend you pick something of a realistic scope for what you feel is achievable in the time and sparks your interest. We're happy to help with specific ideas if you can pick a general area or two that most interests you.


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      Well working on related projects, forwarded by other organizations is always an option. Submission of student application depends alot on choice of mentoring organizations (so if there is no mentoring organization which is interested with spring in specific, then we are out of luck), which is why a mentoring organization application would avail at least a chance. The application can be from the .org front of the spring project.

      from I see that it is possible to choose Google as the mentoring organization and suggest a project of your own specification. In that case this forum post can serve as evidence that there is community interest to have some sort of SoC project. And detailed contact info can be provided later if some one from the Spring project wishes to act as Mentor for the duration of the project.

      A quick look at the last year's selected organizations ( suggests that there were some organizations with projects of scope equivalent to what spring might haveFurther notes on organizations selection criteria can be found here (

      It would be great if any community members would like to suggest a feature or feature set (with some general focus) and they could post links to it here

      1. One rough idea that I had in mind was to use executable UML and eclipse modeling framework to generate roo scripts based on GUI. The prime advantage of this would be for non-spring programmers/requirements personnel to quickly and independently start a spring based prototype of a Java-EE like application and later can be expanded upon by some one who is more at home with spring. This idea stemmed from an actual use case, where team members in my thesis project have business background and could use such a prototyping tool.
      2. One could also work on various add-ons (of medium to low priority, some thing which core team won't be touching any time soon) already suggested in Jira
      3. Another possibility is to work on alternative best practices UI implementation (using Java FX or BlazeDS), some thing of this sort has already been suggested in Jira.
      Overall it is important to get feed back from core team on project scope and the actual utility of the project before posting any ideas/submitting an application. Google summer of code does take into account the whole eco-system of OSS, so it is not necessary that some Google technology be used or Google internally uses the project. They select It if it is a project which has an overall positive impact on the eco-system. (at least that's what I am lead to believe)
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