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    One roo for Colombia!

    Hey there,

    We have a small startup doing RFID software and we dediced to give a chance to roo a month agoo. We were really impressed and are starting to love it.

    Soo, oone roo for warm, beautiful Colombia wouldn't doo any bad!

    PS: I won't lie, we are doing any presentations anytime soon, but I promise we'll keep on telling our colleagues about ROO.


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      Hi Alex,

      I have just given a first Roo presentation at the Java User Group Karlsruhe, Germany ( It was just a short introduction, but seemed like I generated interest in Roo within the audience. So if there are Kangaroos left, I wouldn't mind to give one a new home at the Hochschule Heilbronn in Germany. :-)

      Anyways, good work with Roo so far, but I didn't expect anything else from you and the others at SpringSource. Looking forward to the new versions and features.

      Regards Nils


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        I realize the roo's may be gone.

        I gave an internal presentaion at work. Cincinnati Ohio could use a roo.

        Thanks for all your efforts,


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          Currious For Roo

          Ben I am very new to Roo I know spring Little bit But I am very Impressed by Roo .I want to develop project using Roo ,will you send me some document? which could help me

          You can reach me at

          [email protected]

          Thanx in advance


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            Spring Roo in FLISOL 2010

            Hi Ben.

            We have a spring Roo presentation scheduled for April 24 in Tarija, Bolivia FLISOL 2010, which will show an introduction to Roo and some examples. the event's website is:


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              Hi all

              We still have some Roos left. So, if you'd like one and have done some sort of presentation on Roo:
              • Please email balex at vmware dot com
              • Please also cc: dapatel at vmware dot com
              • Include [kanga] in the subject line
              • Include your full name and postal address so we can ship it
              • It's that easy! We'll get a kangaroo to you in no time!

              Thanks to everyone who is sharing Roo with others. We're very happy to be able to able share this little gift with you.

              Last edited by Ben Alex; May 4th, 2010, 04:07 PM.


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                A Kangaroo was delivered safely

                I received it yesterday.

                Thank you very much.



                • #23
                  Check out my Intro to Roo Presentation

                  I gave an Intro to Roo presentation at Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference earlier this month you can check out my presentation here.

                  Of Course Ben's recent presentation is much better

                  The Philly ETE can be found here. And you can see twitter feedback at #phillyete

                  Should you have a spare Kangaroo or two laying around, feel free to send to:
                  Gordon Dickens
                  Chariot Solutions
                  515 Pennsylvania Avenue, Ste 202
                  Fort Washington, PA 19034-3316

                  Gordon Dickens


                  • #24
                    I received an email from Robert Glover Jr this morning with some cute photos of one of the Roos playing with her new iPad:




                    By the way, we only have three little ones left (indeed probably only two given I'll give one away for the best slogan)! So don't delay if you'd like one! :-)

                    Last edited by Ben Alex; Apr 30th, 2010, 10:03 PM.


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                      Massimiliano Dessi also just Tweeted his Roo photo:



                      • #26
                        It had to happen.... We're all out of kangaroos! Thanks to everyone who presented at conferences and user groups. I'm arranging some more goodies in the near future, so keep your eyes out for that. Follow @SpringRoo on Twitter and we'll make an announcement (plus of course here on the forum).

                        Hope you enjoy your Roos! :-)


                        • #27
                          We received it!

                          Thank you very much!


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                            Thanx dude for your kangaroo


                            Ben This is Umesh8181 I got your Present on 14/05/2010

                            It's so cute ,I am very happy

                            thanx again


                            • #29
                              I finally received my Roo.
                              Thanks to Ben, Alan, Stefan, Rod and all the others!



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