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  • Let us send you a kangaroo! (seriously!)

    Here in the Sydney office of SpringSource we have twenty little marsupials itching to hop across the planet and into your arms. Of course they're enjoying our spectacular 25°C climate and are reluctant to join the cargo bay of a transcontinental jet, but they know you'll take good care of them...:

    Accompanying each kangaroo will not only be all the necessary import documentation (well, a customs declaration form!) but also a little thank you card from the Roo team, signed by Rod, Stefan, Alan and I. You'll be the envy of all your geeky friends, although your non-geeky friends might wonder what someone of your age is doing with a kangaroo!

    Of course we know that these cute little free kangaroos will disappear within nanoseconds of hitting submit, so to make it more interesting we'll be awarding a kangaroo to the first twenty people who share Roo with the world via a conference or user group presentation. Just email me details of where you showed Roo (plus your postal address) and we'll arrange for your kangaroo kit to be dispatched.

    Don't forget there are only twenty kangaroos. So don't miss out by leaving it too long!

    We hope you enjoy this little gift from us here at Roo HQ. We're sure you'll enjoy playing with these little ones as much as you've enjoyed playing with the computer version!

    Ben (balex at vmware dot com)

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    One kangaroo for Spain ?

    We are in active working with Roo on a Comunidad Valenciana (Spain) public organism.

    By other hand, we are writting spanish documentation of Roo and finally will make a user group presentation.

    ¿ One kangaroo for Spain is possible ? We love Roo


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      Hi Ben:
      We have been evaluating ROO very closely. I run a startup based out of Bangalore and I have already given 2 internal presentations on Roo to our developer team.
      At the moment we are using Roo to build one of our future offerings which we are planning to showcase to our clients via SaaS model. This is work in progress for us . . .

      I have used my own notes and PPTs given by you to me via email earlier for conducting these programs.

      Just to add - we are also waiting very eagerly for Roo and Flex integration release . . .

      Hope this is enough to get my hands at Roo

      You can reach me at

      Rohit Pant
      Director - Technical Research
      Stragure Software Technologies Pvt Ltd
      11,7 Hills Garden
      Ramaswamypalya Main Road
      Bangalore - 560 007



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        Hi Ben,

        We have a Spring Roo presentation scheduled for tomorrow at Spring 2GX Day! It's gonna be delivered in Spanish and uploaded to Parleys later on.



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          I am guessing being the instructor of a SpringSource public Core Spring class and spending 15 minutes showing the students Roo during the section of slides that is reserved for the Marketing slides doesn't count?



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            Sorry, SpringSource folks aren't eligible for kangaroos. But just remind me next time I see you and I will buy you a couple of beers instead. :-)


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              Hi, Ben.

              Last friday, I made a presentation (as speaker!!) of Roo in the first Spanish Spring2GX event.

              Maybe one kangaroo could be for me?


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                Re-Building our usergroup web site using Roo

                Rebuilding our user group web site using Roo and planning for a UserGroup talk soon.

                Please send me details on how do we claim our Toy.


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                  Using Roo

                  This mail is for Kangaroo and to appreciate the way Roo is making things easier.
                  I was working in spring more than 3.5 years.. I was always enlighted with the way spring grows and making our life simpler. Today 23/02/10 only i came to know about Roo and i checked the mov file. its quite interesting,Since most of the time i'm the guy who takes Techtalk related to Spring, i need to know more about the customization level of Roo. Please give article or any document link if you have along with KANGAROO.....

                  Sreekanth S Nair
                  Developer (Infrastructure Team [R & D])
                  GovernNation Solution Pvt Ltd
                  #303, Ashok Terrace
                  100ft Road


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                    Support Roo!


                    (Ben: finally Roo is living the pouch!)

                    As I'm not going to make a presentation about Roo in the future weeks, I'm going to seek one to buy (in France, kangaroos aren't so common) and to offer to my little son (1 month and half).

                    perhaps could you sell more kangaroo withs some other goodies like t-shirts to support Roo?



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                      Spring Roo at JDC, Cairo, Egypt

                      Hi Alex,

                      As you might know I will speak about Spring Roo at JDC 2010, Cairo Egypt. Next Saturday.



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                        Hey, how about a roo-app where you can register and check if there are still
                        kangaroos available ;-)


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                          wow! can i have one kanggaroo too? i'm using roo for a month now. ^_^

                          btw, this roo is awesome. i can make website in less than 5 minutes having a best javaEE coding practises.


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                            ...kangaroos for Argentina...


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                              KangaROO with his new friend, and ROO presentation

                              The first of the two links below is to a Google Docs shared image of my KangaROO with his new friend.

                              The second of the two links below is to a Google Docs shared zip file containing the Slide Images of the ROO presentation I gave.