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  • Spring ROO development process definition

    Hi all.
    we planed build realy big web site. For main technologys I whant use Spring Roo with Hibernate.
    But I can't find development process for work with ROO.
    I think that work must be organized like as:

    1. Develop UML diagrams, as result UML model-driven class diagramm. (I use DrawMagic tool)
    2. Generate Hibernate class by UML model файл (Andromda tool)
    3. Generate ROO entity with aspect *.aj by Hibernate entity class (Whitch tool I can use for that?).

    Where I can fine spring development process definition? May be some body can post own process?

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    Have you read Chapter 2 of the reference docs? It provides a step-by-step guide to writing an admittedly simple application using Roo. AFAIK there is currently no support for taking a UML diagram and turning it into Roo code, but watch (and vote for) ROO-46 if you're interested in that idea.


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      Yes andrews, I read all existing manual and watched all video on youtube. But that not usefull to generate and edit entity via shell. Ok how to import hibernate domain-entity class to ROO project, as result ROO must update imported class use annotation and generate aspect java code *.aj


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        If you want to start from a database schema, then will be of interest to you. Or if you want to use your existing Java classes, can't you simply add the relevant Roo annotations and Roo will automatically generate the AspectJ and JSPX files the next time it runs (I haven't tried this, but IIUC that's how Roo works)? The "entity" and "field" commands are just shortcuts for creating an appropriately annotated Java class with appropriately annotated fields, but if you already have classes and fields, you just need to add the relevant Roo annotations yourself.