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  • Spring Roo and blazeDS

    Hi All:
    I read somewhere that there is a plan to release Roo with blazeDS. Is that right ? If yes, what are the probable dates planned for this release?


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    This is definitely planned and some code exists as well. But we have not yet found the time to make it releasable. I am hopeful we can get something out there for Q1 but can not make any promises.


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      any hints, best practices, gotchas?

      In the interim, can you point us toward any hints, best practices, gotchas?

      For example, to get through the roo-created urlrewrite,
      I've told FlexBuilder that my Flex Server Root URL is: http://localhost:8080/myApp/static (appending "/static")

      But I'm not even sure where to install the Spring-Flex code so STS/tc-server will find/use it.

      Any information from your expertise would be greatly appreciated.
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        Hi Jack,

        I guess there are several ways to integrate Flex with Roo. You could use the JSON support offered by Spring MVC as a remoting mechanism between Flex and your Roo backend. Alternatively, you can use our BlazeDS integration, which I would guess works with special annotations on your (custom) services layer. The initial addon code developed by Jeremy Grelle might also give you a direction here:

        You can see I am not much of an expert on this subject myself but I am planning to look into this very soon. In the meantime you might have more luck if you ask Jeremy in the Spring BlazeDS forum.



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          Yes, it is the Spring-Flex for BlazeDS that is of interest.
          We're eagerly waiting for the chance to tell roo: flex setup
          and have roo put the right dependencies into the pom,
          add a flex-servlet context to the web.xml
          and create an initial/default service-config.xml

          Just trying to get Jeremy's testdrive to be compatible with STS/roo that uses 3.0.0.RELEASE is a challenge.
          [Note to others: the blazeDS runtime is renamed from Adobe's flex-messaging-xxx.jar
          to Spring's blazeds-xxx.jar; plus you need spring-flex and i've given up
          trying to avoid the redundant spring-xxx versus jars ]

          Many of the docs/blogs describe how to install/run a testdrive,
          (Spring or Adobe vesions), but they tend to leave out the pragmatic
          "basic configuration requirements to create your own application from scratch",
          roo seems ideally situated to fill that gap.

          Thanks for your pointer to the spring-flex forum, there's a really useful post:
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