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  • Field disappeared in GUI

    It's about inheritance!

    I have an abstractClassificator entity with various fields id, description...
    Then a booleanQueryClassificator --extends from it. This adds a simple 'query' string field.
    Why after controller scaffold.... I can't see 'Query ________' textfield in my app?
    entity --class ~.domain.BooleanQueryClassificator --testAutomatically --identifierField jpaId --extends ~.domain.AbstractClassificator
    field string query
    controller scaffold ~.web.BooleanQueryClassificatorController
    Something like this...

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    I can't see any reason the field wouldn't be visible on the scaffolded views.

    Would you be able to run the 'backup' command and attach the resulting ZIP to this thread so we can take a closer look?



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      My app

      Thanks a lot for your help!
      I send you a log (backup is too big 150 kb)


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        I ran your script and indeed the query field is missing. Would you mind opening a Jira ticket for this so we can investigate further? It would be great if you could reduce your script so it just focusses on reproducing the issue.


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          Script 'bugged'

          project --topLevelPackage it.pippo
          persistence setup --provider HIBERNATE --database HYPERSONIC_IN_MEMORY
          entity --class ~.Astratto --testAutomatically
          field string --fieldName code --notNull
          field string --fieldName descr
          field reference --fieldName parent --type ~.Astratto --class ~.Astratto
          field set --fieldName children --element ~.Astratto --mappedBy parent --notNull false --cardinality ONE_TO_MANY --class ~.Astratto

          entity --class ~.Concreto --testAutomatically --extends ~.Astratto
          field string query
          controller scaffold --class ~.web.MyController

          Without the "bold" fields I see query! That two fields stand for circular reference: that table must implement a Tree data structure, I mean.
          May ROO have some problems with that?


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            I'm sorry I can't add anything to this, but I believe Dr. Doofenshmirtz might be interested in your booleanQueryClassificatorInator if you can get it working!


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              Similar issue...

              I have seen a similar problem and have determined a workaround.

              The application I am working on has several 1:MANY and MANY:MANY relationships. I noticed that only half of my forms were being created with all of the fields.

              After a few hours of testing, I determined the following roo script flow resolves the problem:

              1) Project topLevelPackage
              2) Persistence setup
              3) Entities and fields (WITHOUT 1:1, 1:M, M:M relationships)
              4) Once all of the entities and fields are scripted, then add the 1:1.
              5) Then add the MANY_TO_MANY
              6) Then add the field reference and field set lines for the 1:M.
              7) Generate controllers
              8) security
              9) Logging

              This has been working for me consistently.

              Hope this is helpful to others.