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  • About add-ons and getting involved

    Hi guys,

    Congratulations, again, Spring is trying to cover a Java necessity.

    However, it seems the Spring Roo project is in its earlier stages and it could be it doesn't cover the needs of medium sized Java web apps. So we need to evaluate the suitability to use it in our new projects, please, answer the questions below to help me in this evaluation:

    * Which is the best way to develop features not covered yet by Spring Roo? Add-ons? Manual Spring development, as always? For example:

    - How can include contract-first web services in an Spring Roo application?
    - How can build complex pages? i.e., master-detail-subdetail

    * When add-ons developer documentation will be out?


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    For contract-first web services you're best off to start a Roo project, then use the "dependency add" command to add the required Spring Web Services dependencies to your pom.xml. From there just write a contract-first web service with Spring Web Services as you ordinarily would. Roo still adds value by simplifying your persistence operations, stubbing the project etc.

    Master-detail forms are not planned to be supported by scaffolding at this time. In terms of scaffolding our present focus is on enhancing the ease at which JSPs can be customised and also bringing Roo support to other web technologies (like GWT, Flex, JSF - all of which are actively being developed as add-ons as I write this). We are unlikely to add master-detail support for the Spring MVC scaffolded controllers just now as it's fairly difficult to automatically scaffold something like that. However, a developer is always able to write code as they ordinarily would and can build a master-detail form by hand (reflecting their particular custom requirements). If you had ideas on how we could automatically scaffold something like this, please feel free to log a Jira enhancement request at

    Documentation is a work in progress. It is lower priority for us than working towards 1.0.0, resolving bug reports and supporting the community with specific queries as they emerge on this forum. We are working on it, though. In the meantime you're welcome to email me (ben dot alex at springsource dot com) and I will be pleased to send you my "deep dive" technical presentation which gives a good overview for add-on developers.


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      Cool. I understand, basically use Roo or Spring, easy and powerful.

      About master-detail forms, basically they are one way to manage 1:N relations. I'm not sure how complicated is to add scaffolded controllers, but It isn't an strage feature in web apps (order - order_lines, users - roles, etc) and it is independent on the web technology you use, Spring MVC, GWT MVP, etc.

      The last sentence goes me to think about, if we develop an add-on for master-detail forms, the add-on must be dependent on one technology, right? If true, we should develop one add-on for each technology we would use, right? (sorry if it is obvious, I don't know Roo core)

      We have to evaluate to change our core fw to Spring Roo or to continue working with AppFuse. If we decide to change to Roo we will need to develop or improve add-ons, for example to support relations 1:N (master-detail). I will let you know if we need the "deep dive" doc.

      Thank you.