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  • Roo and it's Console

    I am new to experiments with Roo and am curious about the implementation behind the Roo Console interface.

    Would personally be very interested in re-using some of the console framework and/or API to implement an application that can be run using a similar interface.

    Is anyone else thinking along these lines or interested in similar?
    Are there plans to perhaps implement a Console UI add-on?

    Any comments and idea's welcome.

    Go well,

    p.s. Should perhaps mention that I am only now starting to work through the source code for Roo myself... Not done a great deal of research into the code implementing the Roo Console as yet.
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    The Roo shell is currently rather tightly coupled with Roo core so reusing the shell would be quite involved. I guess at some stage it would make sense to decouple it more and perhaps create a separate project for it. I'll leave it to Ben to comment further on this though.



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      We plan to separate out Roo's shell into a separate project that will be known as "Spring Shell".

      In reality I'm rewriting the Roo shell in its entirety to do this as I have a lot of new usability ideas as well as enhancements to the power of the shell and also its long-term reliability. There is no timeframe for doing this work, though.

      In the meantime you are free to use the Roo shell in your own projects subject to normal licensing constraints. Indeed if you check the dependency graph, the Roo "shell" project and "shell-jline" projects only depend on "support" and also JLine. Therefore the rest of Roo can be ignored and you should be able to use the shell standalone.

      If you don't have an urgent need, you're probably better off to wait for Spring Shell.


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        Ja, I will keep an eye on your progress. I have not any *urgent* need but am nonetheless keen for this to develop as you have outlined.

        Thanks to both of you for your replies.