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  • make spring Roo as productive as "playframework"

    Springsource name itself evokes a sense of confidence in Spring Roo. Thats why i switched to grails too.

    BUT in case of spring roo , it still seems to way off too much complex when compared to java's
    play framework(
    or even when compared with java's roma framework(

    it seems that roo is extremely flexible, so in future it acquire some of the niceties of them, but still whether it will do the right thing in most easiest way for the developers, as playframework has been able to achieve??
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    As you can observe in this forum a lot of developers(including myself) have found roo very easy and useful.

    Your comment lacks specifics that substantiate your claim.
    Do elaborate on your claim and I am sure Ben/Stefan will try to address your concerns/explain things frm Roo perspective.



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      Hi Ashish,

      I am not sure what you mean by "as productive as playframework" or "right things"
      Unless details are specified , it is difficult to comment on same.



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        I have to agree with Bala and Anuj. You haven't raised specific issues in your post.

        Roma and Play use different techniques and philosophies. Roo is very much a tool and has no runtime. Both Roma and Play have runtime portions. Play takes it even further, providing you a replacement server. Roma offers you a lot of different modules whereas Roo aims squarely at building Spring applications in a best practice manner. There's room for multiple approaches, but we have specific reasons we adopted Roo's current philosophy (as you can see if you read the reference guide, particularly the "Why use Roo?" and "Mission Statement" sections).



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          Why Roo over Play

          I've spent the past few weeks with PlayFramwork. Yes - it's fast and easy to get an app up and running. Its use of JPA annotations is simple, configuration is clean. Integration with Eclipse was bitchy - source paths needed to be set manually. JUnit and Selenium support is baked in. No server restarts needed to see changes. It was fun and I was able to get a nice app running quite quickly.
          However, I'll try to move to Roo because
          (a) spring's endorsement,
          (b) no runtime/server/deployment dependencies (play uses a server),
          (c) the shell - and "non-plugin" approach to IDE integration and
          (d) the ability to delivery a clean - best practice - spring-based app (some of my early spring apps were such a mess - more like me doing farmwork than using a framework!).
          (e) Promise of ease, simplicity, speed from highly credible folk - for the most part

          These reasons are compelling enough for me to leave PlayFramework without having to delve into a detailed side-by-side analysis - and I'd rather spend my weekend with Roo exclusively!

          Have fun playing...