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  • Security Setup command has disappeared?

    Hi - I hope this isn't a dumb question, but when I type help from the roo shell, I no longer get security setup as a possible command. Has it been moved into a supplemental add-on, or has the correct security setup command changed since the blog post/wedding tutorial?

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    I just ran "script wedding.roo" and it worked. The script includes the "security setup" command. As such I suspect the problem is probably you haven't yet created a web project, or are not yet at that point in the tutorial. The security command is not exposed unless it's presently available, and the availability is conditional on a web.xml existing (see SecurityOperations.isInstallSecurityAvailable() and ROO-342 for rationale).


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      doh you are right!

      Ben - how do you have time to code when people like me ask dumb questions ? I've been using the guide as a cheat sheet for, ironically enough, my own wedding application so that my friends can co-ordinate shuttle buses, flights, etc., from the points around the world. I did stuff out of order. Thanks!


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        Originally posted by Steve Shapero View Post
        Ben - how do you have time to code when people like me ask dumb questions
        My wife asks me that all the time (excluding the "dumb questions" part) ;-)

        Nah, seriously, supporting the community is absolutely essential if you want a successful open source project. Doing this is actually more important than writing new features. About the only thing more important than supporting early adopters is instantly fixing any bugs they log. That gets you to the point where what you have works well and people trying to use it are able to. It also helps you figure out what actually matters in terms of the next features to build and when releases make sense. What doesn't work is just coding away building thousands of features and nobody can use them and you never get any feedback or bug reports for what is already out there.


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          You know Ben that is why I feel so comfortable doing all my new projects on Roo, because of the support that is available. Well the other reason is that I've invested so much time in developing expertise in Hibernate and JPA, and I generally prefer working with frameworks that are easy to understand and where I can touch the code as opposed to magic and conventions. Too many developers seem to feel that publishing a tool or API is an IQ test for other developers, and if you're not clever enough to get it on your own or read the source code to figure it out, then you aren't worthy of using it in the first place. Or more likely, I think many tools arise out of desperation and people are just trying to get their jobs done, so it's amazing you're working in a context where you're able to cultivate a supportive community and aren't deluged with project deliverables that prevent you from being able to maximize the value of the investment of time and energy you've made into your tool. I just think Roo is the coolest thing to come along since Hibernate itself as far as the value it offers and the ease with which it saves me time.