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  • How can one contribute to Add-ons Development & Enhancement

    It might be a naive question , but being new to the spring community , would like to know how can one contribute to the Roo Add-ons development & enhancement.


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    Hi Anujk,

    As a community member i try to contribute with feedback and sugestions on Roo present and future features and use cases, there are a lot of community driven (directly or indirectly) jira issues.

    Another contribution oportunity is the forum, i see a lot of basic questions being asked again and again, so it's easy to answer it and (hopefully) help a little.

    About technical contributions, you can allways report bugs and requests for enhancements to Jira, in my experience they are allways wellcome by Roo's team. You can contribute patches as well (a first class technical contribution).

    About addon development, well, all of us are anxious to develop addons , but until the API is stable (Roo is still in RC3) it's dangerous, you may well end with a lot of unusable code in your hands!

    Just my opinion, of course


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      Thanks Raul, very detailed as always. :-)

      Re the Roo add-on API, I don't expect to be making any material changes to it going forward - at least not in the 1.x.x series. So it should be safe to write add-ons at this time. We're coming up for 1.0.0.RC4 shortly, so it's largely frozen what the add-on related APIs will look like at this time.


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        Thanks for reply.

        In order to create patches , do one require special rights on jira instance.

        Now as mentioned RC1.4 would have stable api for add-ons , how can the same be contributed by community.



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          Let's the addon development fever begin then

          Anujk, you can register in Jira very easily, you don't need nothing special, once you have an account you can submit issues and patches.

          But if you want to develop addons i recomend use a code hosting project like sourceforge, kenai or google code and host there (in svn) your code and files, the roo addon install facilities can easily pick the addon from that URL and install it, see the cloud foundry post for an example of such installation, once you have your addon a forum post could be a good way of anouncing it, as you can see Ben and Stefan are allways monitoring it.

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