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  • how to develop addon


    I am trying to develop an addon that does the following.

    1) Listen(s) to the service layer class changes (@service annotation)
    2) Generate controllers/delegates for swiz (actionscript DI framework) for each service class (essentially one-to-one mapping between java service class methods to swiz delegate/controller methods)

    I looked at the roo source code and got few basic things about how to start using @ScopeDevelopement annotation. But, I am not able to understand how to listen to the @service class changes. Can you give me some pointers plz ?


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    Hi Peter,

    First, thanks for your interest in developing a Roo add-on for the swiz project. Unfortunately I am not familiar with that project so I cannot give you specific advise.

    Ben is planning to publish the first bits of documentation needed for Roo add-on development very soon. AFAIK he is planning to make his add-on talk slides available next week once he is back from another conference.

    If you want to get started immidiately I would recommend you start simple by creating an add-on which has a few commands and installs the required artifacts into the project. As an example you could take a look at the email add-on. As a next step you can learn about Roo's metadata model which allows you to listen for changes in artifacts of interest. For that you could take a look at the JSP add-on. However that is a little more complex and I would definetely wait for some of Ben's materials before digging much deeper.




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      Hello Ben / Stephan,

      I want to develop an add-on for Roo in the context of my master thesis. So I am also very interested in additional information on addon development. Are the slides online already?

      Thanks and Greets,


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        If you send me an email (ben dot alex at springsource dot com) I will be happy to send you my "Roo deep dive" slides which represent the most low-level information on writing add-ons at present.