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  • Did I catch the svn tree before a rev? Build failure on annotations RC2

    I just did an update of svn, and tried out running the wedding.roo script.

    I got this error when I built (on a fresh project directory) - could someone have committed a repository requirement for a dependency that's not there yet?

    97K downloaded
    [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [INFO] Failed to resolve artifact.

    1) org.springframework.roo: org.springframework.roo.annotations:jar:1.0.0.RC2

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    I just tried to download and it worked. Can you try again? The files are definitely there. It might be a proxy server issue or similar.


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      No it was the annotations lib rc2 - not rc1.

      Somehow that lib is being requested (just below where you are looking).


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        Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't read your original report closely enough.

        People can acquire Roo in two ways, and the acquisition strategy determines where the annotation JAR comes from:

        * Downloading an official release. The ZIP releases we put up on our web site don't install the annotation library. When Roo is used to create a project, the resulting pom.xml refers to the annotation library. The Maven installation then downloads the annotation JAR from our Enterprise Bundle Repository (EBR). When we release, we put the ZIP file online and also the corresponding annotation JAR straight into EBR.

        * Building from source. In this case the user is probably playing around with an as-yet-unreleased version. They will need to build the annotation JAR themselves. This is very easy, though. Just:

        cd annotations; mvn install
        Please note if you install the annotations JAR yourself from source, make sure you delete the annotation JAR from your Maven repository once the official release is out. That's because we don't bother with the -SNAPSHOT suffix like most Maven-based projects (it drives me crazy having to change those in every POM endlessly). What I usually do on my computers just before I make an official release is rm -rf ~/.m2/repository/org/springframework/roo as I am happy for it to download the correct official releases again (far less time consuming and reliable than messing with -SNAPSHOT version numbers).