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  • Report integration(install reports?)

    I have generated a roo application and quite happy with all the features available.
    Is there an install reports feature in the works?
    Can anyone please give a sample application with reports integrated(jasper or other opensource ones)


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    Hi Bala

    We don't presently have a report generation command, but it's an interesting idea.

    It'd be quite easy for us to provide a reporting engine plugin for something like JasperReports, given it's already supported by Spring MVC and that in turn already has extensive Spring Roo support. However, the second part of a reporting engine integration would be the dynamic creation of report metadata that the reporting engine consumes. I cannot think off-hand of any low-hanging-fruit (convention over configuration) way of expressing what should go into a report and what it should look like. Perhaps we'd be limited to just installing the report engine and providing basic "reports" for the static finder methods (findAll, and generated dynamic finders).

    If you'd like to log a Jira ticket at and perhaps expand on what you'd like to see from a reporting add-on we'd be pleased to look into it further.


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      Hi Ben

      Thanks for your comments

      I have created a new one here

      I give a summary here - Please share your thoughts


      Would like to request a command line add on for report integration
      install reports -provider *

      Ideally Roo would give me the plumbing necessary at that point, and I would go to controller method which populates the model data for the view and would then add an annotation that enables report generation by Roo.

      @ReportMapping(format="pdf") where the url for the report would default tot he controller method name(or url mapping)

      If I wanted the report exposed via a specific url I would use
      @ReportMapping(format="pdf", url="MyReportUrl")

      If I wanted to remove some elements that I add to the model when i generate a report I would like to use something like

      Also as Ben mentions in the thread
      basic "reports" for the static finder methods (findAll, and generated dynamic finders).
      via both
      1. install finder command(-generateReport?)
      2. for pre-existing finders an update command add Report? option

      To me this approach would have the added benefit that all one has to do to generate a report with Roo app is just add the annotation and it would be weaved in transparently.

      Thanks guys - Roo is Awesome



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        Hi Bala

        I'll leave it to Stefan to give this some more thought, as he's the lead on the web tier and dynamic finder features (which are the two main building blocks for reporting tool integration). Thanks for logging the task and providing some suggested approaches as well!