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  • Bye Bye Roo

    So many promises, but after a few days experimentation I find :

    Bugs in generated ROO code...
    Incomplete automatic refactorings when types are changed...
    No working interactive debugging...

    Perhaps these things can be resolved, but with no documentation and no answers on this, the one and only, forum for ROO - how can a manager take the risk of betting on ROO?

    Does it mean that Grails has supplanted ROO in the Spring Camp? Has ROO been dying the death for years and it's just sheer chance that I happened to stumble across it now?

    Goodbye Roo.

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    I have just replied to your separate Roo forum threads. I have provided screen shots showing that Roo interactive debugging works and also a screen shot showing the script for your project works. I could not find any thread where you reported automatic refactoring does not work, but if you did and I have overlooked that thread I apologize.

    Because Roo is a pre-1.0.0 project, we spend most of our time working towards 1.0.0. The documentation is one such area. Unfortunately when resources such as documentation are as yet unfinished, we only have very limited time available to provide support on the forums. Nonetheless if you look at the threads on this forum you will find the vast majority do receive an answer from Stefan or I. Roo certainly is not an abandoned project or one that has no support, even though the instant and highly responsive free support we'd love to provide is difficult to consistently provide in practice.

    If you have found a problem or strange or inconsistent behavior, the best approach is to open a Jira ticket at that shows us how to reproduce it - preferably using one of the sample scripts we ship as much as possible if your script size is large (as we already understand the entity relationships and can promptly determine whether there is a bug or not). We give bug reports extremely high priority, as you can see by looking at how actively we manage the few open bugs shown in Jira, plus the large number of closed bugs and the timeliness of closing them in relation to the time they were opened.

    As we reach 1.0.0.GA we will develop more resources (eg documentation) and grow a broader community around Roo that will make it easier for end users to self-support. In the meantime I can assure you that if you do find something wrong with Roo, a Jira issue report is an extremely responsive mechanism for research and investigation. Plus we definitely welcome people to contribute documentation, tutorials and other resources that will help the community learn more about how to use Roo.


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      Spring roo looks good

      It works for me.
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        I have been a Java developer for over 10 years now, I've seen Java evolve through many phases. I completely see what ROO is trying to achieve and think it's a very worthwhile project. With the right community support this product could be a gamechanger for many applications. I wish Ben and the guys all the best and I can't wait for the next version.