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  • NullPointerException - WebScaffoldMetadata

    So far it's my first day with ROO, but I'm totally thrilled to have found it!

    Unfortunately, the following simple ROO code (part of a much bigger model) generates an error (NullPointerException at org.springframework.roo.addon.web.mvc.controller.W ebScaffoldMetadata.getCreateFormMethod(WebScaffold :

    create project -topLevelPackage com.sefol.PLESpaces
    install jpa -provider HIBERNATE -database HYPERSONIC_IN_MEMORY

    new persistent class jpa -name ~.domain.AbstractResource -abstract

    new persistent class jpa -name ~.domain.PanelSelection -testAutomatically

    add field reference jpa -class ~.domain.AbstractResource -fieldName myPanelSelection -type ~.domain.PanelSelection

    add field set jpa -class ~.domain.PanelSelection -fieldName selectedResources -element ~.domain.AbstractResource -mappedBy myPanelSelection -notNull false

    new controller automatic -name ~.web.PanelSelectionController -formBackingObject ~.domain.PanelSelection
    I can prevent this error by removing the -abstract definition from the definition of AbstractResource... but I can't see why this would matter. Perhaps the day has been a bit long, but I'd appreciate somebody explaining why.

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    Thanks for reporting this.

    I have opened a bug at so we can investigate this.