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    First time poster so I hope I have not violated some FAQ by asking this question.

    I am interested in using Roo. I was wondering if the JSP pages were going to eventually tie into an ApplicationResources property file so the JSP's were that much more flexible after Roo has created the JSP's. It would be great to be able to hit the ground running and have a JSP which was that much more flexible.

    Once again, sorry if I have transgressed or placed this in the wrong forum.


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    Can you elaborate a little bit what you mean by flexibility? We are currently working on the following features related to jsps;

    - internationalization
    - theming
    - tiles based templating
    - XML compliance

    Most of this work is already checked into Roo trunk if you want to give it a whirl.

    Is this what you are referring too? If not, maybe you can make some suggestions in the Jira (see Roo-8).



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      I do apologize for not elaborating more. First and foremost, Roo is quite amazing and does so many things for you right off the bat.

      Let me elaborate on the Wedding RSVP example found here

      I would love to see the actual text being generated inside the various JSP's to have text rendered from ApplicationResource*.properties and not hard coded. That way it is very easy to change the default text across the board instead of going into the various generated JSP files and changing it there.

      When looking at \WEB-INF\jsp\rsvp\create.jsp I see that a great many things are wrapped

      Line 17 <label for="_email">Email:</label>
      Line 25 <label for="_attending">Attending:</label>
      Line 31 <label for="_specialRequests">Special Requests:</label>

      Love to see:
      Line 17 <label for="_email"><spring:message code="${}"/>:</label>
      Line 25 <label for="_attending"><spring:message code="${rsvp.attending}"/>:</label>
      Line 31 <label for="_specialRequests"><spring:message code="${rsvp.specialRequests}"/>:</label>

      This is not a huge issue, but so long as so many of the heavy lifting is being done, I would love this feature to be included. Will I still use Roo regardless, most likely, but this would be a great feature to have built in.

      I will also look through more of the checked in trunk and through the issues.


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        This feature (among others) is already available in Roo trunk. If you check out the sources and build Roo you can see it in action. The next release will obviously contain this as well.



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          Thank you very much for everything. I am looking forward to the next release of Roo. If you have not already heard it from the community, thank you for such a great product! You and the team did a great job. You probably hear a lot more from us when the product doesn't work. Let me thank you for all your efforts and products! Looking forward to using Spring and Spring products for years to come!