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  • How do I install multiple web flows?

    Hey guys,

    I've been playing with Roo and I'm loving it! Let me say, I <3 Roo :-) I'm wondering if it's possible to create multiple Roo managed/created web flows? I'm performing the following:

    roo> install web flow -flowName registration
    Created SRC_MAIN_RESOURCES/META-INF/spring/applicationContext-webflow.xml
    Managed SRC_MAIN_RESOURCES/META-INF/spring/applicationContext-webflow.xml
    Managed SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/ileague-servlet.xml
    Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/registration
    Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/registration/registration-flow.xml
    Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/registration/view-state-1.jsp
    Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/registration/view-state-2.jsp
    Created SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/registration/end-state.jsp
    Managed SRC_MAIN_WEBAPP/WEB-INF/jsp/menu.jsp
    Managed ROOT/pom.xml
    Managed ROOT/pom.xml
    Managed ROOT/pom.xml
    Managed ROOT/pom.xml
    roo> install web flow -flowName subscription
    Command 'install web flow -flowName subscription' not found (for assistance press CRTL+SPACE or type "hint" then hit ENTER)
    Is it possible for Roo to manage multiple flows or must I manually create the remaining flows? If I have to manage the remaining flows, what's the best way to integrate them with Roo?


    Joshua Preston.

  • #2

    Yes, I have restricted this currently as the WebFlow add-on currently only produces a sample flow. If you want two flows you can just configure it in the webflow application config.

    At some stage we will make this more sophisticated and that will include the support of multiple flows through Roo commands.