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  • STS + Roo problems


    For starters, I have to say that Roo looks really promising.

    Unfortunately I have a problem with importing a Roo-generated (Roo 1.0.0RC1) project into STS (2.1.0RC1). This is described below.

    I've succesfully created a small project with a few entities and controllers. Then ran mvn eclipse:eclipse to create an eclipse project out of it, and imported that into STS. I can actually deploy the application both via STS and mvn tomcat:run. Using Maven 2.2.0.

    In the problems view, I always end up having a bunch of Java problems pointing to Roo-generated .aj files. E.g. "capacity cannot be resolved or is not a field" for "Room_Roo_JavaBean.aj". I have enabled m2 dependency management.

    What might be causing this? AJDT, Roo or Eclipse? Compiler/buildpath issues maybe?

    Thanks for your help,

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    Same Problem

    I am also facing the exact problem. I have created the roo project using STS (2.1.0RC1) from the integrated roo shell.

    Even after enabling m2 dependency management, there are still hundreds of compilation errors. I could deploy the app and run it successfully, though.

    Does anyone have a solution for this issue ?

    Best Regards,


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      Same here

      I'm seeing the same issues here.

      Running Linux x64 edition of latest 2.1 STS.

      Interesting thing is if I back down to: 2.1.0.RC1-e3.5, the problem isn't there.

      I don't know if this is a problem with the latest STS Tool set, or with the latest roo plugin....

      I can recreate it very easily by simply creating a new project, a couple of entity classes, and controllers. Somewhere along the way, it starts to fall apart, generates errors regarding the *.aj files and artifact resolution.

      I'm backing down to the RC1 until this is resolved.



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        Small Update:

        If I use: 2.1.0.RC1-e3.5 as a base, and then update to the latest release using the update site, this problem doesn't seem to occur, or at least I can't reproduce it.

        What's interesting is this. The RC for e3.5 is using this jar:


        The Release is using:


        And the error being thrown before all havoc starts seems to be related:

        java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.eclipse.ajdt.core.parserbridge.AJCompilationUn itProblemFinder.getCompilerOptions(Ljava/util/Map;ZZ)Lorg/eclipse/jdt/internal/compiler/impl/CompilerOptions;

        Any ideas?


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          java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.eclipse.ajdt.core.parserbridge.AJCompilationUn itProblemFinder.getCompilerOptions(Ljava/util/Map;ZZ)Lorg/eclipse/jdt/internal/compiler/impl/CompilerOptions;
          I resolved this error by going with STS and none of the Groovy crap. Seems as though the Groovy plugin was the culprit.

          You could take a peak at for more information that might help.


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            I'm facing the exact problem. Is this problem solved?

            I'm using 2.1.0.SR01-e3.5 without groovy support (all latest versions from the download site and installed unmodified) and still have the same problem. Two ways can reproduce this problem.

            #1 (from within STS)
            1. create Roo Web App within STS
            2. follow the normal procedure: install jpa, new persistence class, add controller automatic
            3. everything is OK until you right click on the project and select the menu maven>update the project configuration and execute
            4. now the exact problem described in previous posts appears.

            #2 (from within command line)
            1. start a terminal console and follow the normal procedures to to use Roo to create a simple CRUD webapp
            2. execute mvn eclipse:eclipse
            3. import the project into workspace with STS
            4. the problem appears.


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              I am sorry you have such a rough experience with STS. I use the same version and don't have these problems. However, I know the AJDT team has fixed a few bugs for us recently and not all of them are included in the latest official STS version yet. What you can do is to try installing a nightly snapshot of AJDT into a fresh install of STS.

              Also, make sure to use project > clean in STS if you should encounter incremental compilation problems. These problems should be fixed with the next official release of STS and AJDT.



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                Yes. project > clean helps sometimes. Thanks for your reply!