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  • Add-ons Roadmap

    I wondered if any of these add-ons had been discussed or were possibly being worked on.
    • XSD and Web Services
    • Web Flow
    • Flex

    Also, has there been any discussion about changing to using Tiles instead of JSP includes?

    And I know at some point making it so Roo could support multiple modules was on the to do list, but is that something that is aimed for a 1.0 release or in the future?

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    Tiles is definitely well underway. Indeed my colleague Stefan Schmidt was showing me a prototype just today of his work on this. It looks great, as branding will be so much simpler, and we can hook into many of Spring JavaScript's extra goodies which also build upon Tiles.

    We already have a basic Web Flow add-on. Further enhancements are welcome.

    Regarding Web Services and Flex, we have projects in the Spring stack for both of these and it is a goal of Roo to provide out-of-the-box integration with all of the major Spring projects (and these are both included in that definition). Having said that, it is a post-1.0.0.GA goal at this time. I'm working on the add-on infrastructure at present, and once we bed that down and I write some documentation for it, I am sure the community will start building add-ons if they need them sooner.

    We don't have any XSD plans at this time. What exactly did you have in mind?

    If you'd like to raise Jira requests for each add-on, we can perhaps start assembling requirements there? We definitely welcome your ideas on what you would find useful in your projects, and are more likely to prioritize improvements that are community-requested.


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      Sounds good. I think Spring Roo is a great project and obviously as you get the foundation in place it will be easy to keep adding a lot more features.

      For Tiles, are you generating each tiles definition in XML or dynamically creating them? If it's the previous, I think you can likely create them dynamically based on the URL. I did something like this (dynamic tiles) and Jeremy Grelle was adding this to functionality Ajax Tiles Renderer for Spring 3.0. You and Stefan may already know, but just mentioning it.

      I was primarily wondering about the time frame and if any work was going on yet. I'm going to start working on a web service plugin and would be happy to contribute it. I mentioned the XSD as part of "contract first" web services, which is also used to generate JAXB beans for marshalling/unmarshalling. I've already manually made a web service layer on top of JPA, so I think it should be fairly easy to have Roo generate what I've been doing manually.

      I, know you're working on finalizing the add-on api and documenting it, but I assume if I make an add-on for RC1 it shouldn't be too hard to move to what you've doing. I'm not sure if this is part of your plans (or maybe Roo already does this), but I think it would be nice if generated resources all used a template (like Apache Velocity). Then you could keep them in the jar (src/main/resources), but if someone wanted to override them maybe there could be $ROO_HOME/conf they could put their own version there (ex: src/main/resources/org/springframework/roo/jsp/form.jsp --> $ROO_HOME/conf/org/springframework/roo/jsp/form.jsp).



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        web services addon

        Hi David,

        If you looking into creating a web services addon could you take a look at the thread I just created?

        I was also looking into creating a web services addon and if our goals are aligned I do not think we should both work on the same thing separately.


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          I want to get a first pass done for what I need, but I'll post it when it's functional.


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            Yeah no problem, but it would be nice to know if what you need is similar to what I described.

            If it is I may be working in vain.


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              I think so. I'm working on generating an XSD for Spring Web Services that would use JAXB for marshalling/unmarshalling. The XSD would have an type that matches a JPA bean's fields. Basic CRUD operations and finders would be exposed through the service.


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                Yeah, sounds like essentially the same goal. Thanks for letting me know.