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  • Questions realted to controllers and views

    I created a basic domain class (assume Book) with a couple of String properties and created a new automatic controller. This worked fine and I was able to run it tomcat.

    I extended my domain model with a second class (assume Author) with also a couple String properties.
    I also added a reference from the Book class to Author and Author contained a set of Books.

    I created an automatic controller for Book and started tomcat.

    The new Author controller and views do not work correct. 2 out of 3 String properties were required. I filled in all fields but got an error saying "may not be null".
    But I filled in all fields with values a | b | c.
    Now the second strange thing is the first field contains the value "a,b,c"

    I also went back to the Book controller/views and wanted to create a book. But the author property was not available in create form. Do I have to re-generate the controller/views? Which command?


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    Did you specify a length when creating the String fields? There is a known issue with the DOJO front end when you have Text Areas( long string length) elements that will concatenate your values.

    Quick work around is to change your field length( I think anything greater than 30 gets turned into a text area) or if you need the longer text then you can manually edit the associated JSP's so that they are Input="Text". If you do this, make sure to change your @RooWebScaffold annotation in your controller class so that it no longer maintains the views , e.g.

    @RooWebScaffold(automaticallyMaintainView = false, formBackingObject = Author.class)

    Roo should have automatically updated your Book views to show the Author object/Reference. Try restarting the roo shell and see if it updates.


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      Is there already a JIRA created for this DOJO problem?

      I think for the final Roo (and we have RC1 currently) this really should be fixed.
      Perhaps the templates should use a textinput instead of a textarea?

      I also noticed why I found the missing author object/reference:
      <c:if test="${not empty authors}">
      was part of the generated view.

      I really hope the templates used to generate controllers/views will be customizable soon:


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        Hi Marcel,

        Yes the Dojo issues are known (ROO-143, ROO-96). In fact they turned out not to be Dojo issues bt Spring JS. Both are fixed in RC1 so you should not see these problems any more. I have just verified this and it works for me. Can you provide details (script, instructions to replicate, java version, OS, etc)?

        The other problem with the Authors and Books is a design choice. In this case you have a relationship and roo will attempt to provide a drop-down box for Books (if Authors are present). So it would be natural for you to first create a couple of authors and then create a book and assign an author to it.

        Hope this helps.



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          Hi Stefan,

          Just found out STS is not picking up my RC1 configured Roo installation folder but instead is using the embedded M2...
          I think this is the problem.

          I will raise an issue within the STS project.


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            Hi Marcel,

            In STS there are two ways to register a different (newer version of Roo) one is to use the project specific properties and the other is to do it via the global configuration. STS 2.1 RC1 has a known bug where the global variant does not work and I have raised this with Christian Dupuis a while ago. This has been fixed since (so if you are using a nightly snapshot of STS the issue should be resolved). No need to raise a Jira issue for it. The next release of STS should contain the fix.



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              Thanks Stefan, but just raised the JIRA.
              I will put some comment in it...

              I'm not using the nightly builds so will try to change the setting at project level.