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  • Purpose of @RooBeanInfo?

    After I found the @RooBeanInfo annotation, I tested it with a simple class:

    public class Item{
      private String type;
      public String getFoo() {
        return "";
      public void setFoo(String s) {
    I was expecting an auto-generated BeanInfo class, in the vein of @RooJavaBean, but that didn't happen. Digging around in the addon-beaninfo sourcecode didn't enlighten me neither.

    Could I have some information about the purpose of this annotation and the corresponding Roo plugin?

    Cheers, Andreas

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    Hi Andreas,

    The @RooJavaBean annotation will trigger the creation of a Item_Roo_JavaBean.aj file when needed. @RooJavaBean in this case could take care of creating accessors and mutators for private fields defined in the class. In your case it will create a fully working getType() and a setType() methods as per JavaBean sec.

    Internally the @RooJavaBean annotation will also trigger the creation of a BeanInfoMetadata object which provides metadata information about this bean. This is more interesting for add-on development as the add-on might need to know about accessors, mutators, field names and types, etc which this bean exposes.

    If you want to take a look at the BeanInfoMetadata for curiosity you can type this command in the shell:

    roo> metadata for type -type your.package.Item
    This command will list all available metadata for the Item type and if you look closely you will see BeanInfoMetadata among them.

    I believe Ben is planning to write a blog post explaining the metadata system in a little more detail.