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  • New to spring roo, finding it cumbersome.

    So this is probably me not being in the right mindset for Spring Roo, but I'm finding it fighting me.

    I'm trying to set up a simple project to create and maintain a simple POJO.

    I've put the POJO in a module called core and the web stuff in a module called web-admin.

    I started off with just 2 String fields in my POJO and everything all worked fine. I then wanted to add extra fields.

    Adding the fields in my IDE (IntelliJ) looked to work well at first, I can see the roo generated classes updating to reflect my changes. However the web admin doesn't have the extra fields.

    So I tried to make it update by rerunning web jsf setup and web jsf all. This made a mess of things and the web app no longer starts.

    So I tried deleting the whole web-admin module (via file manager, as there doesn't seem to be a module delete command) and then recreating it. This doesn't start either.

    So now it seems my whole project is broken and I have to recreate from scratch. This can't be right.

    So should I only be adding fields via the roo console? It feels horrible to have to leave my IDE to add a field to a class, but maybe wanting to use my IDE is wrong?

    Does roo support deletion of fields/classes/modules or is it a case of get things up and running, then remove roo so you can edit?