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  • What is the status of RooBot and impact on new users? (I hope I'm wrong!)


    I have a fresh download of Roo 1.2.3 and I am trying to use the DBRE stuff with MSSQL. I can't get to first base after hours of trying.
    roo> database introspect --schema unable-to-obtain-connection
    addon search --requiresDescription "#jdbcdriver,driverclass:net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver" found no matches
    JDBC driver not available for 'net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver'
    And then

    roo> addon list
    1 found, sorted by rank; T = trusted developer; R = Roo 1.2 compatible
    ID T R DESCRIPTION -------------------------------------------------------------
    01 - Y 0.1.3.RELEASE Addon to enable cucumber BDD support and integration
    Which seems strange (download status is OK).

    Then I saw this advice

    And, verily

    roo> osgi obr url add --url
    completed successfully. But, still the addon list had not budged, as I expected it would.

    Then I came across this post, especially the comment about Roobot being unavailable.

    So, I browse to http://spring-roo-repository.springs...repository.xml, and get

    Error loading stylesheet: An unknown error has occurred (805303f4)
    I really wanted to view that page to see what bundle name I needed to deploy, as the names don't seem to be consistent.

    Is this the underlying problem? Would this error stop a new installation getting the list of addons and installing any? How come I only see the cucumber addon in my list?

    I had high hopes for Roo, but I seriously have to question whether it can do anything real now. Of course, I may be making some other newb mistake?

    The Captn

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    Well, the next thing I do gets me to the next step

    I did a osgi obr list which did give a big list, so obviously it did work, and that told me the symbolic name I wanted was org.springframework.roo.wrapping.jtds, and so a osgi obr deploy --bundleSymbolicName org.springframework.roo.wrapping.jtds did work!

    There is still the question of the repository url issue, though.

    Cheers, TheCaptn