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  • DBRE deleting previously reverse engineered classes in a multi-module project

    I'm currently working on a multi-module project for a client using Spring Roo. There's about 5 or 6 modules, each of them representing a specific feature of the project. Those modules more accurately reflect how the database was designed as well. So I have a module named "cfx" in which I want to DBRE all tables beginning with "cfx". I have another module named "group" in which I want to DBRE all the tables beginning with "group", same idea for the remaining modules. The first time I run DBRE while focused in the cfx module with --includeTables cfx*, it works fine, only the cfx* tables are reverse engineered. Next I focus into the group module and DBRE the group tables with --includeTables group* on the DBRE command. The group tables get reverse engineered, but then all of the previously reverse engineered cfx* classes get deleted. I've tried multiple combinations of --includeTables with --excludeTables too, but I keep getting the same behaviour. When I'm in the group module, DBRE still references the dbre.xml file from the cfx module.

    Been struggling on this for the past hour and a half.

    I'm using Roo 1.2.0.RELEASE at the moment. Have not tried a more recent version.

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    what are the settings in persistence.xml? i would set the ddl setting to update or verify rather than the default of create. it is likely dropping tables as part of that job? And 1.2.0 is old, and the first in a refactored release line. 1.2.2 has been out since May. Another user is reporting stability issues with his dbre on 1.2.2 so maybe not a panacea, but worth a try. back up your project before converting, but you should just have to run the 1.2.2 shell to do the upgrade.


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      I've just downloaded Roo 1.2.2.RELEASE. I then went through each module and made sure ddl generation was set to none. I'm using Eclipselink. However I'm still having the same trouble as before. When I run DBRE in the second module after running it in the first module, the classes generated in the first module are deleted.


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        I have created the following JIRA ticket.