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    Same problem here. I was going to try out Spring roo, but I am stuck at trying to create my first entity:

    roo> entity --class ~.model.Customer
    Command 'entity --class ~.model.Customer' not found (for assistance press TAB or type "hint" then hit ENTER)
    Spring Roo automatic add-on discovery service currently unavailable
    roo> addon list
    No add-ons known. Are you online? Try the 'download status' command
    roo> download status


    On MAC OS X 10.8.2 with Spring Roo 1.2.2. Stuck!


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      Originally posted by fester View Post
      roo> entity --class ~.model.Customer
      Perhaps command is "entity jpa" ?


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        [edit] I thought this was recent, but then looked at the JIRA. I guess I haven't been using the public add-on commands since I'm writing about and experimenting with my own since perhaps mid summer.[/edit]

        I have been using the Roo shell off and on all summer, and have only been away from it for about two or three weeks (other duties call and so I've been working on those priorities). I emailed the developers to see if someone can take a look at it.

        I'm thinking something happened to the servers that run the Roobot and expose the OSGi OBR repository that it uses.

        I'll post back when I get a response. Just a guess, but it is possible that something got changed that involved the servers they are using (just a guess). Something like this happened to the Roobot (where we submit our add-ons) a while back and once it was discovered it was fixed pretty quickly.

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          The old command, before Roo 1.2, was indeed 'entity', not 'entity jpa'. When they added Spring Data JPA and Spring Data MongoDB to the project sometime around 1.2, they renamed the commands to entity jpa and entity mongo for those two types.



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            I was just contacted by one of the Roo developers and the Roo add-ons repository is back online now.

            If you submitted an add-on, you may have to re-email the OBR URL to them. I am doing so now for my add-ons.




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              Side note: Ok, my add-ons are now back (the SillyWeasel project ones for jQuery, coffeescript and a few other ones). You can see them with addon search or addon list.

              I am tracking a potential issue with the update the Roo team did. My add-ons all showed up but one (the jqueryui one). I had done a addon search --refresh command and / or re-started the shell numerous times, but that specific add-on didn't show up.

              To see them I had to do a rm -rf of <roo home>/cache. Interesting situation, and if someone doesn't see 39 add-ons once they start and do an addon list, I'd like to ask them to:

              1) zip up their Roo installation folder
              2) let me know

              I can then contact the Roo team and let them know that I have a Roo shell in that state.

              If you want the updated list of add-ons including the jQueryUI one, rm -rf your <roo home>/cache directory, realizing it may make you re-load your add-ons in your particular shell.