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    I'm new to roo and have what I assume is a simple question but have been beating my head for the past couple hours. I've created a simple User and Role model for security. I log in, which for now is just using the default built in admin/admin account defined in the context.

    Once logged in, how do I alter the controller/menu in order to have a way to edit a profile (or even just load up a profile). By that I mean edit/view JUST that users profile that logged in. Not all users.

    I assume I need to modify the UserController to add in something like a /security/profile path. But at that point, is there a way to do it outside of the .aj files or do I need to push something in? Not sure if anyone has a good example to point me to, but any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You'll need to "push in" the methods from the .aj file and then modify them.