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  • Customizing Lists and tags

    With a noob stillsuit on, I'm going to ask this question.
    I've searched somewhat but I still dont think I understand it fully.

    Here is problem statement: My app is running and I've customized the back-end and its ready to go. Coming to the front-end I feel rather helpless and embarrassed.

    The entity I'm exposing with this listview has 7 fields, out of those I'm making 4 visible.
    Out of those 4, one is a value for a img src (1st Problem Here, how do I do this - just wrap it in an img tag somehow?)
    The second problem is the layout, Right now its a row layout and I want a grid layout(2nd problem here)

    Also, I'm sure I'm going to run into more issues, are there are books/resources you guys can recommend for the jspx pages

    Edit: I understand I can push html to the page but the page source itself looks very elegant and I'm hoping that there must be elegant ways to solve my problems.

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    I found your question(s) days ago...

    I waited a little bit to see if some else was jumping for helping you but not...

    In case you still interested on it. I might have help but not exactly-exactly want you want.

    Anyway you can review some of my tutorials, with included source code. They will show some real-world examples on how to work with Roo tagx libs. Working with images is there. That's for sure.

    The link is

    I've worked extensible with Roo tagx libs and I can tell you, there are AWESOME. Really-really the jewel-of-the-crown of Spring Roo in my opinion. I created all these projects with them. Visit my RIA WEB 2.0 collage portfolio at too

    I hope it helps you.

    B. Roogards


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      Thank you very much for the reply. I'm sure it would be very helpful. I just need to see some transformations to understand the capabilities.

      And I'll let you know if I have questions.
      Really appreciate the help.