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  • Is there an addon for jQuery for Roo?

    I know I have seen questions about integrating jQuery here. I have personally smuggled it into a couple of my own Roo projects, but its usually a bolt-on solution.

    What I am asking is: Is there an actual addon for STS/Roo that replaces Dojo with jQuery, or at least makes jQuery the dominant JS framework? I found Synergy on the web, but as far as I can tell, it has never been officially "published". Before I start my next project, which need jQuery in leu of Dojo, I wanted to make sure I am not doing a bunch of work by hand that someone has already been nice enough to provide a nice, packaged addon for.

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    Not to do exactly what you want. My jQuery add-on at least adds jQuery and jQuery UI to the platform, modifying the load-scripts.tagx file, but doesn't remove Dojo yet.

    Just do a search on jquery using the add-on command. It is current as of Roo 1.2.2. If you want to fork it to build a better one, you can, it's on github. My add-ons projects homepage is

    I need to go further with it and add a command to replace the widgets with jQuery ones. I've just been swamped with work in the past several months so my open source contribution time is limited.