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  • Roo 1.2.1 JSF Security

    So I gather from the Roo Shell on 1.2.1 that security setup is enabled after "web jsf setup" and "web jsf all" but its a head fake as "security setup" as it yields ...spring/webmvc-config.xml' does not exist

    Since JSF is its on MVC and doesn't use Spring webmvc THAT the Spring Security is not available to Roo with web jsf. It that's true please just let us know so we won't bang our heads any more.

    If you have an alternative in mind please let us know that too.

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    Please vote for


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      Does anyone have a work around to add Spring Security to Spring Roo JSF applications?

      I have seem mention that JSF can use Spring Security, but no examples.


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        Cute, I see that's your first post. Keep it up and it may be your last. A word to the wise, this kind of cute post is not tolerated here, nobody cares how clever you are.


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          In trying to figure out how to do Spring Security with Spring Roo JSF I created two Roo projects one with web mvc and security setup and the other with web jsf.

          I can see a glimmer of hope in that the FaceServlet and DispatcherServlet can co-exist, and didn't see any conflicts on merging the rest of the two projects.

          I have the applicationContext-security.xml set to intercept a url pattern for one of the paths. However its not intercepting the JSF paths so no login protection on the jsf side.

          since the JSF pages go through the FaceServlet how can I intercept the jsf access?

          Shouldn't the org.springframework.web.filter.DelegatingFilterPro xy work on all traffic?


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            This book show an example of JSF/Web Flow/Spring Security so it should possible to have Roo "security setup" command after web jsf. However it is not the case until now. I guess the only solution at the moment is to try to extend the Roo project with extra configurations extracted from this example