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  • AutoFaces presentation

    AutoFaces is a Runtime Spring developement platform, its integrate :
    1_ A template extendible code generator for DataModels, Transactional Persistance Services, Back-end Beans and Facelets Views(Full web2, only on URL)
    2_ A mechanism for parsing and refreshing the code at runtime.
    3_ A mechanism for refreshing of the different contexts (MyFaces and Spring) of the application at runtime.
    4_ Available in various themes, and offering the possibility to easily integrate new ones.
    5_ An API for managing security at the JSFs component level.
    6_ An unique exception manager to ensure the continuity of execution in case of unhandled exception.


    Why AutoFaces?:

    1_ Allow us to prevent loosing a considerable time in the development of redundant needs (Add, Remove, Update, Search, Export...).
    2_ Generate the code on disc (not to the database) to offer the choice of editing of code by the website or throw eclipse because we believe that nothing can replace Eclipse(i mean a usual development envionement in general).
    3_ Code generator templates can be easily extendable to continually capitalize the developer experience.
    4_ Any modification of code can be immediately tested and rendered without restarting the Server.
    5_ The application doesnt crash whatever the severity of the error to ensure the continuity of the execution of the development environment offering a unique full web2 experience

    The immediat result:


    Spring Roo VS AutoFAces:

    Although they have the same goal, Spring Roo doesn't :
    1_ Integrate the generator in the application
    2_ Refreshing codes and contexts at Runtime
    3_ Dosen't generate a full web 2 codes (one URL).
    4_ AutoFaces guaranteed that the application never crash whatever the severity of exception(like duplicate jsf component ID), it show the message error (growl) and allow to see the log into the Log dialog box.
    5_ AutoFaces offer a security Api based on JSF components (rendered), because we have only one URL (we can also have more then one if we want).

    My coordination :

    Name : MOUALEK Nassim
    Mail : [email protected]
    Skype : n.moualek
    Country : Algeria
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