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    Originally posted by fashoom View Post
    If Spring can integrate Roo and Wavemaker I will be in hog heaven.
    Me too (but I'd rather the 7th heaven)


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      Kind of like word press themes that you install and your whole crud is magically transformed
      I like your proposal. I would include it in my R&D list and try it on Roo soon.

      B. Roogards


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        Special thanks to retrofit for bringing Play to my attention...
        I just post a 10K feet view first-impression blog on it. This is the link In case you might be interested.

        B and Play regards
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          A quick look at Play highlights the two biggest Spring Roo weaknesses

          Compiling Aspect files (far too slow for me)

          Modifying the CRUD web interface and in particular manipulating Dojo and jspx tags etc.

          To be honest I was completely happy committing to Spring Roo for my next project (as I mentioned However something like Play ups the stakes again for me - if I can still use JPA whilst being able to more quickly create and customise the web interface...

          For someone new to Spring Roo and with some Java and web development experience I believe the Dojo/jQuery distinction is going to be key. I am now a bad jQuery and Dojo developer (I am happy to tinker a little with both after my Spring Roo experience). If I had the choice before chosing Spring Roo I may well have chosen to stick with jQuery and work with Play.

          So for me the number one answer to what does ROO need to do to be a goto option - provide the option to use jQuery for the web interface.

          In fact I would feel that this is a more important choice for web developers (which may well be the biggest Roo user group?) than the ActiveRecord/DAO choice.

          Chris Mein


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            play eclipsify , netbeansify etc. generate project files to allow you to import in your ide. You cannot do java dev without IDE support and play makes it painless. Moreover performance is much better compared to other frameworks. Google for performance comparisons with node etc.