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  • Can't see any public methods in the generated class

    I've got Roo to reverse engineer a simple table, with about ten fields, which as far as I can see it has done very well.

    All of the get and set methods are there in the .aj file.
    But after compiling no methods are visible.

    If I push-in something to the .java file, it becomes visible, otherwise nothing.

    I've got the 1.2.0 RELEASE version, just downloaded.

    Any help much appreciated: after playing around with Roo for weeks, I've just decided to use Roo for a project and I can't even get over the first hurdle. Thanks.

    P.S. I had assumed that when Roo classes were compiled I'd be left with one class file, but there are six of them. Is that correct?

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    By the way, I can see all public methods if I'm working in the same project as the one where the classes were created by Roo.

    But if I bring the classes to another project, I can't see the methods.
    This is strange because it seems to bring along all its dependencies, and I seem to have all the same jars in the other project as I do in the roo project.


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      Now seems to be working

      Well I solved the problem by trashing the whole lot and starting again.

      Sorry if I wasted anybody's time.

      Though I do have one question still:
      I've read in various places that "ITDs are combined into the same compiled class at compilation time".

      That's not happening, I have six class files for the one entity. Is something wrong or have things changed?