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  • Other UI choices

    I really want to be able to use Html 5 with CSS3 with Html5 templating instead of Tiles. I don't want to use GWT, JSF2 but straight forward simpler HTML 5.

    Is it possible to do that with ROO 1.1.5? How about ROO 1.2.RC1? Or is it planned for future versions of ROO. I am not really good at Web UIs and find that many of the UI frameworks that you can choose with ROO are great if you have lots of experience in UIs, but for those of us that are mostly middle tier find it difficult to customize what gets generated. I really like Grails' approach with their gsp pages and their way to created templates/components with just tags.

    I was trying to see how I could customize stuff with the tagx files, but that was as straightforward to me either.



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    Could you elaborate why you think
    Html 5 with CSS3 with Html5 templating instead of Tiles
    is better than the other options you mentioned...

    Thank you and B. Roogards

    Review other UI options for Roo at


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      I am trying to make my website look very much like sites like Twitter, Evernote, FireCore, Tumblr, etc.

      I do like JSF because it is very event driven and my UI experience has been with rich clients like VB, Foxpro way back and that event driven approach makes much more sense to me than request/response. However, the JSF libraries which I have used like RichFaces doesn't have the exact look I want.

      As far as GWT is concerned it is too niche for me. Yes the niche is large, but not what I want to spend my time learning.

      I am also taking the website and creating mobile apps for it, and I plan on using Phone Gap which uses Html5 and Javascript and I want to keep both UIs using the same technologies.

      As far as the scaffolding code goes and Roo, I think Roo does a fantastic job generating those pages, and the tag library is second to none. But if you don't want to use it, it becomes brittle and difficult to modify. I have had too many bad experiences with tiles that I definitely want to avoid it as much as possible. I have also noticed in a couple of places that there is style information in the html, which I definitely want to keep out of the html and only in css. Also the CSS file is a bit to long for me and I can't keep things straight. I have fixed that by breaking it apart into smaller files and just importing the smaller files into the used to be big file. I have also deleted a lot of the pre built in styles to use mine.

      (All the above is just my opinion, not facts)
      I could go on and write a dissertation, but it really doesn't answer my question or help get it answered.

      My next step is to get JQuery to run in my app.

      I like that you integrated JQuery into the Pet Clininc.




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        Thank you for your comment on Petclinic showcase..
        In fact, this showcase is just a test bed for implementing Synergy. Synergy is an addon for turning ANY Roo app based on Web MVC into a jQuery based. Synergy integrates -what I consider- the best-of-breed of web development these days. Spring Framework -Roo- on the server side and jQuery on the client side. Synergy is light weight and totally non-invasive. I really believe doesn't have the issues of the other UI you mentioned.

        Good luck and B. Roogards

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          where can i find synergy addon? , i can't find it


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            It is postponed for the moment...
            I got more than 10K!! community hits in my blog after Synergy release announcement. Releasing Synergy without sponsorship support is not responsible on any level. The point is: how and who is going to deal with all requests generated after releasing it???.

            I strive for creating solutions chosen because solve community problems rather just because is "free". Sorry, I mean "open source".

            B. Roogards
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