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[bug] roo 1.2 snapshot [rev 7d4d85a] fails to replace ~. with top level package name Page Title Module
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  • [bug] roo 1.2 snapshot [rev 7d4d85a] fails to replace ~. with top level package name

    Hi all,

    I've found a bug where roo fails to replace ~. in my scripts with the top level package name.

    More precisely,* becomes* somehow.

    When I did a find and replace of ~. with in my scripts it seemed to work ok.

    I'm using the roo.annotations jar of roo-1.2.0.RC1 though as I couldn't find the snapshot version...maybe this could be related?

    When I find the time to reduce the script that causes the problem (as I probably may not share the whole script by my employer) I will create a jira for it. But I thought it might already come in handy somewhere else already making notice of it here.

    Best wishes,


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    The annotations haven't change. Please raise a ticket including the exact steps to reproduce the issue. If easier, attach your project using the Roo backup command


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      Hi Jochen,

      We haven't noticed any problems with replacement of "~". We'll need you to provide either a project or a script that demonstrates the problem. If this isn't going to be possible in a reasonable time frame, maybe you could tell us in which revision this started happening for you. You've told us it happens in 7d4d85a, but I don't know if it started happening then or in some earlier revision.

      P.S. Just came back from Belgium (for Devoxx and holiday) and I miss it!


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        Yes. I experience this problem too. Seems to me the "~" is not expand to just the topLevelPackage name, but it depends on some "calculation" based on your current level ... But the behavior does varied in different runs...

        I'm using 1.2.0.RELEASE [rev 39eb957]



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          If someone who can replicate this problem could please log a bug about it, ideally providing a minimal script or project, we can look into it. Thanks.


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            I think the topic is of interest to many