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  • field display order in the form:create tag

    I have an "Interested" entity class that extends the abstract class "Person". I've built a form page and my own design for the whole site. Everything works, however, the field order in my form is not the one I want. I want one field from "Interested" class, then all those from the "Person" class and only then the rest of the remaining fields from the "Interested" class.

    The tag "create.tagx" seems to use this dojo script that obviously runs on server:
                function encodePk() {
                  var obj = new Object();
                  dojo.query("input[name^=\"${compositePkField}.\"]").forEach(function(node, index, nodelist){
                    obj['${compositePkField}'.length + 1)] = node.value;
                  var json = dojo.toJson(obj);
                  var tokArr = [];
                  for (var i = 0; i < json.length; i++) {
                  var encoded = dojox.encoding.base64.encode(tokArr);
                  dojo.byId('_${fn:escapeXml(compositePkField)}_id').value = encoded;
    in order to build the input tags.
    I'm not familiar with dojo but I assume you could add orderability somehow here. But is there some other way to affect the field order in Roo forms?