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  • About future of GWT add-on


    What are the future plans for gwt add-on?

    Reviewing Jira Roadmap ( there is nothing about the gwt add-on.

    Who supports this add-on?, Springsource or GWT team.


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    There are lots of people who are questioning future of GWT it's self after announcement of Dart and Google native client.

    But yeah it would be sad to see such an interesting effort not going forward.


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      I do not think that the future of gwt is in danger (at least for now). Adwords UI is made with GWT :-D and other Google products.

      I guess dart integrated into the toolkit and will make a gradual migration. More info:

      The question for this forum is, Are there plans for the ad-on gwt in roo?


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        Google lately has been on a killing spree.

        They killed AppInventor, killed Wave (GWT product), made fuss about Maps and AppEngine.

        Just because Adwords is on GWT does not mean that it's Google's interest to devote tons of resources maintaining GWT.

        A good thing that I see is that Google is open sourcing more of GWT stuff (today they open sourced the GWT eclipse tools). Traditionally when they are preparing to let projects go, they open source them. Without the G in GWT, I suspect that there wont be much guice left in it (pun intended).

        Let's just say I hate what Google is becoming by hiring more and more upper management from Microsoft.


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          Dart is open source from the beginning,
          And GWT is open source since 2007.
          Google has migrated projects to GWT (!ms...w/hCWzIrZ1vzcJ)

          I think to perform a GWT integration with Dart and a gradual migration.


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            Please see

            What does their term "continue open sourcing" means. They have things which are not open source (not exactly GWT but perhaps support tools they acquire).


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              Closure is open source (, used to develop google+.

              I do not think the problem is whether or not open source (at least google), The problem is if they got used to develop products. At the time they do not develop products with GWT, when the platform is in danger.

              GWT is integrated with android and appengine.

              In the future we'll see.


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                I believe Google -with Dart- is trying to re-group in the client-side...
                Everybody should know by this time that jQuery is totally running the show these days.
                Google wants to start a new race since this one is over.

                Stats supporting the point: Job posted in US market on 11/17/2011:

                jQuery: 3456
                jQuery Java: 1402
                jQuery Java Spring: 508
                JSF Spring: 462
                GWT: 387
                jQuery Java Spring Roo:1*

                Thank you and B. Roogards


                *One better than nothing, right?
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