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  • How to stop gwt addon scaffold in roo 1.2.0


    Is it possible to stop generation scaffold for entity without removing the gwt addon support?

    I understand the ITDs: GWT Style, and I think it is very powerful but I found a problem that is not how to solve.
    gwt addon continuously generates the following files:

    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/CitaListEditor.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/CitaSetEditor.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/CitaListView.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/ActividadListView.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/ActividadSetEditor.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/ActividadListEditor.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/PlanTratamientoSetEditor.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/PlanTratamientoListEditor.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/PlanTratamientoListView.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/ExploracionListEditor.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/ExploracionSetEditor.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/ExploracionListView.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/HistoriaClinicaSetEditor.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/HistoriaClinicaListEditor.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/HistoriaClinicaListView.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/PacienteListView.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/PacienteListEditor.ui.xml
    Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/PacienteSetEditor.ui.xml

    need to modify these files and have not found a way to tell the addon that does not generate.

    I wonder if I can keep the following behavior:
    • create entity.
    • scaffold requesfactory, proxy and view for that entity.
    • stop gwt addon to updated gwt view files for that entity, only updated proxy and requestfactory.


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    web gwt scaffold

    You can only scaffold the entities you need with:

    web gwt scaffold --proxyPackage --requestPackage --type
    Look here for reference.

    Hope it helps!


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      Thansk for your reply papirrin.

      The problem is that roo shell is listening for changes and regenerating the classes.

      For example continually modifies the following classes:

      Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/___ListEditor.ui.xml
      Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/___SetEditor.ui.xml
      Updated SRC_MAIN_JAVA/es/i2e/clinicadental/client/managed/ui/___ListView.ui.xml

      I would like to disable this behavior and only generate the scaffold on demand by running the command, Is this possible?.



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        I am not very sure in here, since I am failry new to Roo, but accordingly to the guidelines in Roo, you shouldn't modifyng any class inside a manager package.

        A workaround could be to copy your files to a new location or change their names and update their reference in the UiTemplate annotation. Look here for details:

        Good luck!