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  • Dojo lock-in

    Let's start with a premise:
    I love roo.

    It will greatly speed up working with databases.
    Using it has brought me up to date with lots of new stuff: xml, tags, project layout, the list could go on. And I don't even have to pay for it!

    The only problem for me is the use of Dojo in the web pages generated with the controllers. Am I the only one?

    Perhaps the most important principle of Spring from the outset has been the avoidance of lock-in of any kind, especially with third-party libraries. I note that in theory the way that dojo has been incorporated leaves the door open to alternatives, but the code to connect the alternatives has never been written. There is no alternative to dojo in roo.

    I've just made a start on replacing dojo in my roo project and note that even the spring roo logo at the top depends on dojo for its appearance. Obviously I don't need or want that logo at the top of my project but it gives an idea of how much the scaffolding depends on javascript, and therefore on dojo.

    I've got nothing against dojo either, absolutely not, but since we've made a different choice for the rest of our code, it's not feasible to use it.

    What's dojo's market share? Let's say for the sake of argument that it's 20%. That means that the situation is presumably the same for a lot of other programmers. Ok, not all of them want the scaffolding, but I did. So presumably like me they are just accepting the situation and spending a lot of time removing dojo, because they have no alternative.

    I'm just glad that I left tackling the javascript problem until nearly the end, because otherwise I would have had to give up on roo.

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    I like your post because is articulated, makes good points and brings up a very valid perspective....
    I totally understand your frustration. I being helping -as much as I can- the Spring Roo community for several months, since version 1.1.0.M1. In particular the issue that you mentioned here.

    Please answer the next questions that may help me to position my solutions better in the Spring Roo community.
    1) Did you consider Spring Roo because is free rather solves your problem.
    2) Is it true that you wouldn't have worked with Roo, if you had known about the mentioned issue in advance.
    3) Would you be willing to pay for how-tos, tutorials, books or simply make donation(s) to sources that help you with YOUR Roo issues?

    Visit my Roo solutions blog

    Thank you very much


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      Thank you very much for your reply.
      The things you are doing look very interesting, so to answer you properly I'd like to take a little time to look at it before responding, so please give me a couple of days to think about it.

      I'd have liked to have seen a reply from someone on the Roo team too, just a small one.

      It would be good if adding dojo was a command such as:
      "javascript addJsValidation --library dojo"
      That way there would be no lock-in.

      or if there was a command for removing it, because it's all over the place, and in fact I'm beginning to think I will be forced to leave it there and work around it, because I can't afford to spend time removing it every time I start a roo project.


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        Thank you very much in advance and b. roogards