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  • Roo for dummies (like me, obviously)?

    Hi all
    I worked with java spring for an year and I lerned several things. I always built web application which didn't need a great UI and so I focused on the business logic.
    Two days ago I installed STS 2.8 which comes with Roo 1.1.5.
    A good chance to try it.
    I follow the standard tutorial (the one present in Spring Recipes 2010) to create a web application able to manage "customers".
    I asked Roo to take care of the persistence (almost speaking as it were an human ;-) ), I declared the entity Customer with its attributes and I created an (empty) controller.
    In 2 minutes of typing Roo builds a great web application with an incredible interface which is able to manage customers! This is magic!!!!!
    After the unchained happiness it comes the little troubles: "hey, wait a minute! The application is managing persistence and I didn't write a single line about it! Hey... the application is doing things around an empty controller which has mapped an URL on!" How the things are working?!

    I am used to create a controller with one or more URL mapped on as the web app entry point. The controller owns some services like persistence and so on. Here's nothing alike. I don't even know where persistence is managed!

    I can see tons of javascripts but I can't find an entry point.
    Can anyone give me a hint to find a direction?

    Roo seems a GREAT tool but I need to understand the logic behind the vast application it creates. It would be fantastic to have it as an assistant programmer but I must be in control of the things he does.

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    ok, sometimes the most useful references are right under our nose. And of course we don't even take a look.
    To start with the right step read this! Very clear.