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  • getting an image from a String field?

    How do i retrieve an image from a string field in my project?

    what i am trying to achieve is i have two fields named firstImage and secondImage these contain the address to each file and i would like to display these images in my project, nothing i can find will allow me to do it

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    Review my article at It explains much more that you are asking but definitely would answer your question.

    B. Roogards
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      Many thanks to jD for that GREAT article. Lots of good code in that example (it taught me alot) BUT I do feel jD's method of displaying an image in a form is a little over the top. Using a Frame is Very showy but, OTT.

      After studing jD's GREAT working example you should be able to see how to write your own .tagx file that will display an image on a form. The key is working out (seeing) how to use one of the exsting .tagx files as a basis for your own. The tagx just generates the html from parameters you supply in the ".jspx" view.

      The reason why you can't find how to do this in Roo is that Roo is it just (by default) using a standard technology (faces?) to do all the display generation. So you need to go and look at how that display technology does this sort of thing. Using jD's example is good start but getting to understand the .tagx .jspx functionality is even better.


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        thanks jD.. thats perfect


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          You are very welcome...


          It is not over. It is not under. It is the right way...

          You get out-of-the-box a modular library that lacks of a component for rendering images. What you would do?
          I believe adding a new component for this purpose is the right way to go.

          B. Roogards to both


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            Who do you think you are? To score other forum members work...
            I thought we are in the helping other member business not in the scoring one.
            Well since this the way you understand things: I score you 0/10 in oop concepts and 100/10 in making trivial useless points.

            B. Roogards